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Click here Eye Witness' Bionic Sasquatch
by Jager

For many years photographers and hunters have tracked and chased the Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) in hopes of getting a photograph or trophy respectively. This coveted prize has been sought after for so many years in fact, that it seems unlikely that the beast could possibly be real; but rather some hoax. However with the Bionic Sasquatch, the artist known as The Witness has an explanation. You see, this isn't some missing link, overgrown badger, or even a lost camper. This is the Digital Manbeast and under its hairy skin are robotic workings!

Click here This vinyl toy is from the Monster Unknown line produced by Eye Witness. What we have is a fresh new look at the beast and the image caught by Frank Patterson that's been burned into pop culture history. I love how many designer toys take two concepts that have little to do with each other and slam them together in a way that makes the viewer stop and take notice. Often it's cute meets creepy or urban mixes with natural. Here we have a very organic being with the idea of technology added. This is a thick issue addressed in many different art styles and this is a great way for a Designer Toy to attack the notion.

Click hereThe Bionic Beast is caught in mid-stride and has a wonderful fluid motion to his stance. He really seems to be walking along. Where is he going with such determination? Maybe to an all-you-can-eat buffet? Or possibly his gears need greased. Either way, he has a great stance that sets him apart from most flat footed vinyls. With four points of articulation (arms and legs) you can put him in enough stances for you to enjoy playing with him and find a few new poses, but still it's obvious this is more for viewing than playing. He has four places where his robotic entrails are showing. One is an obvious homage to Darth Vader on his chest. His feet are huge (duh) and one hand is fisted while the right is open. But to me the best detail is the face. He's giving us this "Don't mess with me" look but at the same time he sorta looks troubled. And on top of that, are those corn rows on top of his head? Sweet!

Click hereI'd be really missing a nice touch if I didn't mention the packaging. The Sasquatch comes in a green box with windows on the front and sides. The box is shaped a lot like a trash bin or rather recycling bin and there's tags all over it. Except the back. On the back is a super nice drawing of the beast with a brief bio and a little icon in the bottom left corner that I wish and pine for a sticker of. With so much attention being paid to the box, it's hard not to want to display it as well.

Overall, this toy really works for me. I love the concept, the design is great, and standing at over ten inches tall, it has my Dunnys running in fear!

Check out to purchase this and other Monster Unknown toys. And check out our extensive Designer Toy coverage for other cool vinyl.

If you're in Costa Mesa this March, swing by the Subject Matter Gallery and check out The Witness' new stuff.

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