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Art Asylum's Mini-Mates: Bruce Lee
Hong Kong Dragon

by Mr. Stinkhead

Click to see!Art Asylum had an impressive show room this year at Toy Fair, showing off the new LOTR and Star Trek figures. On the way out, I picked up their promotional Mini-Mates™ figure. The 3.5 inch figure is all black with only an Art Asylum logo on his chest. I get back from the fair and I can't stop playing with him, putting him in different poses on my desk. He's got 14 points of articulation; his hips and shoulders are ball joints, as well as his neck. And his wrists, waist, elbows, knees and ankles move as well.

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When I first became aware of the Mini-Mates™ line, I kind of passed them over. My first impression, shared by many toy collectors, was that the Asylum was jumping on the Kubrick inspired block figure fad. Just what we need, I thought, more block figures. I love Kubricks. I've been hunting them down and buying them on eBay for a couple of years now. So when I saw these new-fangled block figures just like everyone else was producing, I moved on. Then I get back from Toy Fair and I'm addicted to putting my Mini-Mate™ in different poses. Can't you keep your mind out of gutter for like 3 minutes?!

Two weeks later I was trolling through the mall and find the Bruce Lee assortment. I picked up the Hong Kong Dragon Bruce, the one with the bad-ass 70's sunglasses. He's in a sturdy tube packaging, and comes with a puzzle piece base (for hooking to other Mini-Mates) and a three-unit nun chuck. (is that the singular form of that word?)

When I brought it back to the office, I had to grab the camera and record the fight he had with my Art Asylum guy, who had stolen Bruce's included nun chucks and threatened Bruce Almighty.

With a little patience, you can balance the figure in the positions I have here. The ball joints really help with getting a wide range of poses. The articulation and slightly larger size make these a really sweet new type of figure, and are overall different enough from Kubricks and their American counter-parts to really stand out.

Now I'm all psyched up for the Marvel Comics line they're doing. Click here for a big picture of the line up. Where's Iron Man? Wave two?

There are three other Bruces you can pick up. Asencion from the Dragon, (bright orange jumpsuit); Brave Little Dragon (topless ala Bruce Gone Wild), and Immortal Dragon (barbaric looking, but comes with battle axe). Also keep an eye out for their Crouching Tiger... and Star Trek(TOS) figures that are out now. This is one of the coolest lines you're ignoring, and shouldn't be.

Look at our coverage of the Marvel Mini-Mates. AND our new Mini-Mates Contest.

Here's a sweet wallpaper for your desktop.

Check out for more pics and info.

Pick up this little guy at Entertainment Earth

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