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Click hereSTRANGEco & FIFTY 24SF's Silly Pink Bunny Van
with Jager

For a refreshing take on the Designer Toy movement, let's turn our gaze to Jeremy Fish's Silly Pink Bunny Van produced by STRANGEco and FIFTY 24SF. And what better time of the year to do so than the bunny-filled holiday: Easter! Fish has made a name for himself in the San Francisco art scene with his quirky style, sometimes grizzly, and always surreal paintings, prints, and illustration work. Here is an artist who loves what he does and it shows. And while he is gaining momentum, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. But his craft, that's another story. Take this Vinyl for example.

Click hereWhen I show this toy to my friends I say, "You gotta check this out! Isn't it great?" To which they reply, "...I don't get it...." This makes me jump around and sometimes I even flick them in the head. Why do people have to think that there is "something" to everything? This toy is called the Silly Pink Bunny Van. That's all there is. There isn't some deep meaning hidden in the layers of juxtaposition of the bunny's yin to the van's yang. To me, the point of this is to be silly and probably make the viewer smile. And this toy does it in spades. Sure, there is a quality level that is met. There are details, clean paint application, and even some articulation (I'll get to that). But to try to label this toy as some sort of statement just doesn't do the toy justice. Enjoy this toy because it makes you smile. Because it's something you'll never see anywhere else. Because you love bunnies as much as Jeremy. Or maybe because it's just silly.

Click hereAs stated, the toy meets the quality check. The paint is applied cleanly to the stripes, door handles, toe nails, license plates, and windows. The windows are especially nice. They have an excellent silver shine to them with a black fade towards the top. The van is based on a 1969 van (that is rumored to be Fish's ride). The details are all here. The scooped in headlights, round low grill, double exhaust, suicide doors on the side, and round brake lights. Rather than a typical top or tires, Fish added bunny features. From the wheel wells sprout pink legs with three toes each. The roof has a hefty set of ears and a little "cow lick" like tuft of hair. Under the front bumper protrudes some buck teeth, and from the back... a bunny tail, what else? I really dig how the tail resembles a flame—like what might shoot from a hot rod when the trusty N2O is fired. Each leg is hinged in the wheel well allowing the beast to stand on its hind legs. When it does this, we can see the van's tattoo. It's an instantly recognizable Fish original illustration of a bunny poking out from a flying skull, but the wings turn into hands giving the Goat's Head: the universal symbol for "Rock On!" Also, Jeremy's autograph is molded into the plastic towards the rear end of the toy. I haven't seen this before on a Vinyl. Very nice touch.

The Silly Pink Bunny Van comes in two colorways. The original (seen here) is limited to 600 pieces. There is also a gold colorway that's limited to a hard to find 150 pieces. As with most Designer Toys with variant colorways, I like the original better. There's just something to be said for the artist's original vision.

Click hereThe packaging is nice, but not inspiring. It has a nice illustration of the van and a detail of the belly tattoo. Clearly the artist wants you to take this out of the box and enjoy it. I agree whole heartily. There is one accessory to the toy: A temporary tattoo for you to wear. It's a direct copy from the van's. I haven't worn mine yet. I'm waiting for just the right occasion. I am in that wedding next month...

Click hereOverall, this toy is just too much fun. I instantly fell in love with the silliness and the fun it brings to my toy shelf. I appreciate the fact that it doesn't take itself serious in content but very serious in creation. If you are a fan of Jeremy Fish, bunnies, or just flat out fun toys you should check out the Silly Pink Bunny Van.

Check out Jeremy Fish's site for info on the artist, a look at his work, and what he's up to now:

Click hereSTRANGEco has its fingers in some of the hottest Designer Toys around. Check their site regularly. You never know what you'll find.

Wootini's store is growing every day. Not only do they carry both versions of the Silly Pink Bunny Van, they have over 100 other Designer pieces (some are hard to find anywhere else).

Check out our Designer Toy page for a look at our ever growing coverage.

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