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spacerArt Asylum's C3 (DC Minimates)
Joker's Chemical Warehouse
with Mr. Stinkhead

Before reading this review, it wouldn't hurt to be familiar with Minimates in general, and specifically, the new C3 building sets.

Man, Xevoz and DC Minimates in one haul? I must be dreaming. That new plastic smell is awfully intoxicating... but alas I am not dreaming, and the Joker's Chemical Plant hide-out is mine! This is a beautifully sweet playset for $10... and at Wally World no less.

Click hereI have no problems with the JLA Throne Room playset at all, but this set here is a toy fantasy come true. [Ed note: I omitted that part about the Wonder Woman Minimate] You get Joker, the Animated-style Batman and a pretty kickin' chemical vat and adjustable claw. The first thing I dug about the set was all the cool hiding places for Batman to lurk, and with the Joker in particular, you can use the peg holes in the feet for some cool balancing by attaching them to the base. I really feel like you can play with this set and set up some great displays as well. Besides the cool choices in colors and pieces, I also liked how the claw mechanism used ratcheted joints so you can hang Batman in the air, and the chemical vat stays balanced upright.

Click hereJoker
I think the Joker is the quintessential comic book villain. He's crazy, dangerous, and could only exist in a comic book universe. Nobody would take him seriously in the real world, however he fits in perfectly in this reality. The overall look is exactly what I want in a Joker figure. A little cartoony, a little threatening, and not too over the top. This Joker, based on The Animated Series' version is the guy that would use knock-out gas from a wind-up duck before actually shooting anybody. The cane is superb. The amount of detail on such a small accessory is great, and fits the "perfect balance" between style and substance for pulling off the Minimate-version of a character that Art Asylum is known for.

Click hereAnimated Style Batman
This figure comes off well. I like how the cape drapes over the shoulders, but doesn't really impede the movement of the arms too much. Unlike the other Batmen, this one's cape and cowl appear to be painted a flat black, instead of the glossy soft-rubber skin. As far as looking like the Animated Batman, I'm impressed, but on the whole, he's not my favorite Batman figure, only because I like the comic-looking Batman with the folding cape the most. What I really want is a 1960's Adam West era costume and cowl... maybe a con-exclusive one day?

Click hereThe Playset
I already touched on the playset, but I gotta keep going. The ease of putting it together, the functionality of it all, and the overall look and feel make this one of my favorite playsets... well in a long time. (No worries AA, it's tough to beat something with slime) You know, you could use slime in the chemical vat... not a bad idea. Anyway, far and above my favorite C3 playset to date (still anxiously awaiting the Batcave). I also have to point out that even if there weren't licensing issues, and AA could release Batman and Joker without the blocks, I'd still buy this set with the blocks. Totally worth it. And I'm one of the guys that is about basics and streamlining.

Click hereIn fact, I've never felt this way before—I wish I had been a LEGO guy all my life so right now I'd have a large cache of random LEGO pieces... I would build the biggest, coolest, Chemical plant you'd ever see. I would go nuts! I could see buying a second of this playset just for more pieces (the line to horns waggle me out of my extra Bats and Joker figures forms to the right... single file). Ok, I admit, I just downed a Coke, and I didn't eat much, but seriously, I'm muy impressed with this set. For the first time I really got into the sticking-the-guys-on-the-pegs for display purposes.

Ok resistors, if you're on the fence about the whole C3 gig, then this is the set to try out. It's a $10 gamble. And I know you won't feel ripped off. Man, I gotta go out and find some crappy toys to review or you'll all think I live in this everything-is-perfect happy fuzzy land. Ok, so here's one criticism; I wish the ladders and guard rails were more suited for hanging off of. The Minimate hands couldn't grab either, but they'd be perfect for displaying either one, clinging to life... but I do feel that they give you plenty of places to stick your mate, and you get just what (or more than) you pay for with this set.

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Can't get to Wal*Mart or they're all out? You can buy here through while they still have em in stock.

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