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Click herespacerArt Asylum's C3 (DC Minimates)
Large Batmobile
with Mr. Stinkhead

Before reading this review, it wouldn't hurt to be familiar with Minimates in general, and specifically, the new C3 building sets.

Where does he get all those wonderful toys? Batman has always had the coolest car. Recently Jager and I were in debate about whether it would be cooler to have a Batmobile, or K.I.T.T. Tough call. We got into fisticuffs regarding "fully-functioning/fully sentient" versus a full scale collectable. Regardless, I will not be driving either one anytime soon. But all was forgotten when I picked up this C3 set.

Click hereThere are two Batmobiles made for the C3 series currently. The first one out was a much smaller Batmobile, but it came with a figure of Batman and Robin. It's a great set for $10. You get two ultra-cool minimate figures and a compact little Batmobile you can stick one of them in. This set is much larger, and in the $20 range. Here's the irony... this set can seat two figures, but only comes with Batman. Still cool. I definitely recommend both sets in conjunction with each other. You also get a Batman unique to this set.

Lots of great pieces, and some cool functionality to the completed toy. That's one of the things I dig about the C3 playsets in general. It's fun putting them together, and they have cool play features after they're built. In particular, this Batmobile features a firing missile launcher, a cockpit for two with working levers and a closing canopy, hub cab spikes, and slide-out panels.

Click hereMissile Launcher
The top mounted missile launcher is on a rotatable turret. After firing the missiles at your cat (or newborn) [Ed note: Cripes! Do NOT fire the missiles at anything living... ok, ferrets are ok] you can fold the launcher into the back exhaust pipes, stowing it away for a night on the town. I found this to be a good decision on Play Along / Art Asylum's part. My Batmobiles need to be heavily armed, but it's not cool leaving that out all the time. The Batmobile should not reveal all it's secrets... you know... like a sorority girl on a first date. [Ed note: what sorority girls did you date? They didn't have any secrets by the time first "date" rolled around.]

Click hereCockpit
The yellow tinted canopy hinges open, revealing seating room for a duo of dynamic crime fighters. The driver's side has an adjustable Bat shaped steering wheel, and the passenger side features two working levers. Batman's cape should be removed before placing him behind the wheel.

Click hereOther Surprises
The bat shaped hub caps slide in and out without the wheel coming off, and there are two small planks that swing out, so Batman can sidle up to another car while in pursuit and cause some damage. I also like that the tinted hood can open up revealing the engine. These additional little touches are great for extending play, I mean, finding the perfect position for display. Yeah.

Click hereBatman
I'm digging the Batman that comes with this set. A classic comic book black and gray outfit, and you can pop off his arms, and change his cape to one that drapes over his body and flows on the floor. When he's in his original cape, you can pop off just the back section to make him fit in the cockpit. I love the soft rubber used on his cape and cowl. Like the other sets, Art Asylum made Batman fit the Minimate format perfectly.

Wrap Up
Not only am I pretty stinkin' pleased with the purchase of this set, I have no regrets about also getting the mini-Batmobile. It's similar to my being happy with owning the Batwing and the Batglider. They appear a little bit similar, but both satisfy at their varying price points and sizes. I'm very excited about how the figures and building block sets are working together, and if you're a fan of Batman, Minimates, or the coolest car to grace the streets of Gotham, then I recommend picking up this set. Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed!

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