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Christopher Lee's Cleabus from Wheaty Wheat Studios
by Jager

Click hereThe hits just keep coming from Wheaty Wheat with the first toy from the Urbanites line, Cleabus, by Christopher Lee. Although this is quite small for a non-platform vinyl toy, and is the smallest Wheaty Wheat has produced, it still lives up to the expected standards in quality control we've come to expect from the company. Cleabus loves his radishes (in fact he lives in a giant one) and after opening up and getting a good look at this toy, I can say this is the best thing to be associated with the terrible tuber that has ever been.

Click hereCleabus is based on a character from Christopher Lee's Urbanites. He is a little guy who grew up on a radish farm and decided to strike out on his own. After years of practice the bugger got the hang of the craft and is now the best farmer to ever hoe a radish. Much like Mr. Bunny and Firecat accurately resemble their 2-D counterparts, Cleabus looks remarkably like Christopher Lee's prints. This isn't accomplished with the thick black lines present in Jled's work since that isn't Lee's style. Instead we have a blocky toy with the features accentuated by subtle sculpts and different paint tones defining the details and lines of the design. He stands about two and a half inches tall and is very thin from front to back, but he stands pretty steadily. More so than I expected. Also, it's interesting that he isn't a perfect square. He has an angle to the top of his head and his clothes that really add to the toy's character. He comes with a removable hat and a radish. I love how the hat is just perched up on top of his head. All the paint applications are tight. The eyes are especially nice with a reflective glint and an oh-so-tired look with the bags under them. All in all, this is a very simple but extremely well done toy.

Click hereTo sweeten the pot, there are two colorways available. The regular version is limited to a run of 800 (each numbered). There is also a Vintage Edition that is only available through Octane 3's web site and it limited to 400 units (again, numbered). I absolutely love the Vintage edition. The colors used are just perfect to look like a black and white photo of the regular version. This one will be gone before you know it, so don't delay.

Click hereThe first of the Urbanites has really set the standard for the upcoming line. We'll be treated to fan-favorite Mellow next and I can't wait. To add to the coolness of this line, each toy in the series is to scale with each other. How cool is that? Very. With Cleabus costing right around a very reasonable 14 bucks, be expected to not see this guy around for long. This is a great start for Christopher Lee, whose art translates seamlessly to vinyl. Can't wait for the rest!!

Wheaty Wheat has a nice site with info on upcoming projects as well as a gallery of the older toys. They also have an online shop full of exclusives.

Christopher Lee's site is all you need to catch up on the Urbanites and other beasts from his mind. He has prints for sale too! I got one for Christmas and it arrived in perfect condition.

So you don't feel like doing your work, but you need to look like you're busy? Well check out our Designer Toy page full of all our coverage.

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