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spacerClick hereStar Wars: Clone Wars Trading Cards
with Lando da Pimp

Now fans of Cartoon Network's Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series have something to collect besides the Hasbro action figure line. Topps has released a collectible card set focusing on the 20 episodes from the series.

The first nine cards are character cards giving you a posed drawing of the character with information on that character on the back. The major characters Anakin, OB1, Yoda, Dooku, and Mace Windu are portrayed. Also featured are the new characters Asajj and Durge. A majority of the cards (63 count) are dedicated to select scenes from the 5 minute episodes with a description of what is happening.

Click hereSixteen Dark Horse comic cover gallery cards showcase wonderful artwork from Ben Caldwell, Dave Dorman, Davide Fabbri, Doug Wheatley, Genndy Tartakovsky, Joe Corroney, John McCrea, Kilian Plunkett, Paul Rudish, Pop Mhan, Rafael Kayanan, Robert Teranishi, Rudolfo Migliari, and Tomas Giorello.

For those of you avoiding Episode III spoilers don't look at these two images. Two sneek peek cards are included. Both show upcoming characters with full body views of the new Clone Trooper and a new character General Greivous.

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Die-hard collectors may want to focus on searching for the Artist Sketch Cards featuring Clone Wars art from yet-to-be-determined Dark Horse and Cartoon Network artists.

Click hereStickers and "animated" Battle Motion cards are included as well. [Ed note: Thank goodness Topps didn't use their "Scratch and Stink" technology from the latest Garbage Pail Kids for that Yoda card.]

These cards remind me of the original trilogy cards. This is one of the best Star Wars collections Topps has done. The inclusion of stickers and battle motion cards add great excitement to the collection. The hard-core fans of course have the excitement of searching for the sneek peek cards and the sketch cards. For me, I love the Darkhorse comic book gallery cards. They are wonderful drawings depicting some of my favorite film characters.

Check out the New Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages for more collecting fun from Topps.

The Topps Company, founded in l938 as Topps Chewing Gum, is an international marketer of kids' entertainment products, principally candy, collectible trading cards, sticker album collections and miniature games.

Article © 2004 All images are © TOPPS.

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