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Spacer 2003 Summer Conventions Whew, was this summer packed with convetions. The first one we hit was Wizard World East. The summer kept rollin' and we kept goin.

Brutilus his the nation's largets Anime convention, Otakon. You gotta see all these pics. He gives us a good day by day diary. Come read day 1.

R Hunter just got back from Wizard World Chicago and SDCC. Here are just a few of the cool con exclusives he picked up at SDCC.

Mr. Stinkhead dragged his Princess of Power to the 2003 DukesFest at Cooter's Place in Sperryville, Virginia. Click here to see the pics and sweet video of the stunt show.

Robotech Alpha Scout Bernard Blue Metallic by Toynami: This company shows huge potiential for the coming year. Futurama! Voltron! Herculoids! Speed Racer! Yeah! This toy is awesome and as cool as I thought the super-poseable Valkeries were these blow them out of the water! Can't wait to get the whole set. Wait till you see all the articulation and posed you can put him in.

Blue Batman by Mattel - Worth the hype? Yesssir! I have been waiting for a Batman figure like this since I was a kid. Hands down the cool version of the Dark Knight. Although I hear the lines and raffle to get these exclusives was ridiculous, it seems almost worth it.

Blue Stikfa by Hasbro & Mister Bany J - Man I love Stikfas! Almost as much as I love my medication for obesity. It makes my palms sweat. What a nice treat.

Body Rockers Freestyle by Playmind toys - Great idea and execution. I can't imagine how much these things cost to make between the die cast parts, tons of accessories, real working boom box (with 2 catchy tunes).

Junko Mizuno - Here is a crazy rotocast figure I got for my girlfriend. The Artist Junko was on hand and she signed it for my lady.

Keldor Masters of the Universe by Mattel - Worth the hype? Again, yes! Great figure that comes with two swords, a staff, a vial of acid, three heads and a cape. Not to mention the great and elaborate packaging that both this figure and Blue Batman came in. Kudos. Just make it easier for the phlebians to get them next time, Mattel.

Kirk and Khan from Art Asylum - Check out our review of these figures. I hate Star Trek but I just had to take home a few of these because they are flawless figures.

Dick Tracy and Predator Mez-its by Mezco - Aside from the Junko figure this is the only thing I actually paid for at the show. These are fun little figures and the Dick tTacy ones really capture the feel of the character nicely. Not for any fault of Mezco, but every other mini figures seems to pale in comparison (fun-wise atleast) to MiniMates.

Assorted Mini-figures - Do I smell a Mini Fig Compendium update coming? Yes Sir! the first is a cool robot bottle cap that I got from Sci Fi channel. The next is a Qee styled after AFTimes' own Toy Godd (really nice guy). The third is a free giveaway that super-hottie Junko was giving away.

Marvel Minimates by Art Asylum - Through some luck I managed to get all of the exclusives. In this picture I switch some of their gear around because I am a hopeless non-conformist. I must say Silver Surfer is my favorite out of all the series 1 and 2 Minimates. Who's my favorite out of series 3? Easily it's Captian Bri------ Hey you almost got me to spill confidential info! For Shame!

Mullet Heads by Acky Breaky Toys - The most beautiful women in toys Melissa Varon runs this funky little company. Here we see our suspect as he might have appeared on COPS. Not the reality TV series but the cartoon.

Muppets Swedish Chef Culinary Disaster by Palisades - Nicest toy company? Easily Palisades! They gave use juice and left over pizza. You gotta love the job they do on the Muppets line even if you are terminally afraid of stuffed creatures.

Hellraiser Silver Pinhead by NECA - My vote for second or third runners up for nicest toy company. Those guys are so nice and I have enough of their Robot Disney figures to choke a donkey.

Thundarr by Toynami - Finally someone to sqaure off against that pansy He-Man. I would realize two weeks later that not only is this a cool fig with a glow in the dark blade, but the bllade detaches and it magnetically connected to his bracelett! Just like in the cartoon! Too cool! Mark my word Toynami is going to be bigger then trendmasters and Irwin in a year! Oh wait bad examples.

Titanium by Playmind toys - Here is the exclusive for Playmind. With the vibrant colors and personality of the Body Rockers line, it is almost static. But throw some paint on it or something.

DukesFest 2003
Mr. Stinkhead dragged his Princess of Power to the 2003 DukesFest at Cooter's Place in Sperryville, Virginia. There were ton of chargers painted like the General Lee, I got to meet James "Rosco" Best, and there was an amazing stunt show, where the original stunt drivers and coordinators rolled a car. You gotta click on that video clip. It's 1Mb, and it is sweet. It rained the whole time, but Ben "Cooter" Jones, and the wonderful Miss Alma pulled off a great event, and we had a great time. If you're travelling through Virginia, look them up at You'll love the old Dukes memorabillia on display, and there's plenty of Dukes swag you can pick up.

All images and video © 2003 and may not be reproduced or distributed with out express consent from their author.

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