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Click here Wheaty Wheat's Cosmic Quigly Plush
by Jager

With the help of Wheat Wheat Studios, Thomas Han brings one of his illustrated characters to life. The Cosmic Quigly has appeared in more than one of Han's paintings and has a charm that is undeniable. This cat-like creature is "all seeing", but whether or not this is true is yet to be seen: if he is reading my mind, he's not telling. But I can tell you that this is a great plush made in a style unlike any other.

The design of Quigly is charming. His face isn't exactly happy, but isn't sad either. He seems to be gazing ahead into space...or your mind!! There are lightning bolt like stripes on the face, body, arms, and legs of the plush. Also, there are stars on key points of the guy. His temples, between his eyes, and the backs of his ears all have stars. This could be important for his cosmic powers. There are also round spots for accent on the back and cheeks. What sets this plush apart is the way that these details are applied to the fabric. Each stripe, star, belly marking, eyes, etc is a piece of soft vinyl that is attached to the fabric. Kind of like a t-shirt would have. I'm guessing that they "ironed" the vinyl on before sewing the fabric. I haven't seen this used to this degree on a plush and the result is a really fresh feeling.

Click hereThe edges are really tight and detailed to give it more of a look that this actually is a Thomas Han illustration come to life, not just a plush based on one of his works. The only down side to this is if you are going to actually snuggle with your Cosmic Quigly the vinyl applications would stick to your face. But since these had such limited runs, I doubt you would want to risk getting drool on it while taking your Sunday afternoon nap. The base fabric of the toy is nice and soft; poofing out around the vinyl. This really adds to the look of the plush. Fill is very important in the plush world and the Cosmic Quigly has a nice amount. The ears, arms, and legs are all filled with no empty spots. Also, the body is filled nicely. It isn't over filled either though. The form is flat like an Ugly Doll and it works nicely to add to the look of Han's style.

Click hereThere are three colorways for you to track down, each with a limited run. The Blue and Pink versions are limited to 200 while the White was held down to 100! All colors of the Cosmic Quigly come in a kaiju-inspired bag with cardboard header, insuring your plush is nice and clean when you receive it.

Overall, this is a fine plush. I really dig the way the vinyl applications add detail and bring Han's charming design to life. This is a great addition to anyone's plush collection or if you want your kid to be the coolest at daycare, send them with this for nap time.

That white Cosmic Quigly is pretty limited which means hard to find, but you can win your very own right here!!!

Wheaty Wheat is hard at work on a new and improved site. When it's back up and running, it'll be worth the wait!

Thomas Han's site has a bio, a look at some of his art, and more.

You can pick up your own Cosmic Quigly at

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