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Cranium WOW
with Jager

One of the best board games in recent memory just got better. Cranium didn't just put out a few booster packs for use in your worn out original Cranium game, oh no! Instead they released a supped up version of the modern classic. From start to finish the focus of this game is on fun, from the box décor to the game itself. So let's take the game for a spin and see what happens.

Click to see!The first thing you notice is the new design to the box. It feels much more adult with the silver lettering on the black background. The type on the box is pretty funny with quips like, "As it turns out, I am a genius and my partner is almost a genius." The original Cranium Brain is still present in the center of the box adding the only color to the design. The more adult design theme continues on to the board with the same darker colors highlighted with the colorful markers on the track. The cards are 100% new but the categories are the same: Creative Cat (the artsy one), Star Performer (kinda like charades), Data Head (quizzes), and Word Worm (spelling, definitions, and other brainy stuff). I thought it was awesome how some were more modern in their topics with questions on myspace or current movie stars. You also get some clay, four pads of paper, four pencils, a 10-sided die, and a timer. All is covered in hilarious blurbs. All this is great and really makes for a super game, but the most interesting addition are the Movers.

Click to see!The game pawns this time out are called Movers and have a feel to them not unlike Designer Toys. Each game comes randomly packed with four of the little guys. They are made from the same mold, but each has its own personality. To top it off, there are eight accessories (hats and hair) that you can put onto your Mover to give him or her a little bit more character. This addition really adds to the collectability of the game and if you didn't get the one you can't live without, just shoot over to and order him without delay!

Click to see!Like I said, the design of this game is focused on fun from start to finish, but all that wouldn't mean a thing if the game itself wasn't a hoot. Well it is. I'll even go so far as to say it's a hoot and a holler. There is a little something for everyone in here. Maybe you love to draw, but you can't spell so well. No problem, that's what team-mates are for!! This game is a blast to play and it goes at a pretty good pace so you don't get bogged down.

I highly recommend Cranium WOW for your next party or relaxing with friends. I don't think that we play enough games anymore and this is just the board game you need to turn that TV off and hang out with some friends. Stimulate your brain! Okay, be sure to tivo Heroes first.

Check out Cranium's web site for info on all the great games they produce, and order those Movers. You know you want to!! Go ahead and order the game from

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