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Click for biggerspacer Sideshow Collectables's Abraham Lincoln by Lando da Pimp

If you haven't checked out the American Civil War Brotherhood of Arms collection then here is your chance. Sideshow Collectables sent me the Abraham Lincoln 12 inch action figure to emancipate my feelings for historically-based toys.

As most of you know Lincoln was the President of the United States at the time of the Civil War. On November 19, 1863 Lincoln gave his most famous speech The Gettysburg Address. These days it would be the "Gettysburg URL". Sorry.

Because of Lincoln's role during the War, Sideshow has included him in the Brotherhood of Arms collection. The figure is 12 inches tall, attired in a black jacket with tie that is looped about the collar of the shirt. Lincoln comes with only a few accessories. The first is the famous top hat that is somewhat difficult to place on his head. Lincoln also comes with a copy of the Gettysburg address as well as a gold pocket watch and chain that is attached to his vest.

The head sculpt is a very lifelike with a strong resemblance to Lincoln. I imagine that working from portraits of the former President was a bit tricky, but as usual Sideshow pulls it off. The figure is also very flexible with multiple articulations. You can stand Abe Lincoln on his own for certain poses, but for those tricky poses Sideshow does include a stand for display.

Any Civil War buff will find this figure a must-have for their collection. The Brotherhood of Arms line is a great collection and if you are interested in purchasing the line, I would start with Abe Lincoln. Followed closely by his arch nemesis John Wilkes Booth.

While this figure is very well done, I found myself curious as to what I would do with an Abraham Lincoln figure. Well I came up with some ideas. If you have any suggestions of other things to do with an Abraham Lincoln figure please send them to ld AT

Lincoln is available from Sideshow Collectables.

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