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Gama-Go's Deathbot from Ningyoushi
with Jager

Click hereGama-Go is best known for its clothing line, but recently with the help of Ningyoushi they busted out a new (and quickly hard to find) toy from the mind of Tim Biskup. Deathbot is one of the company's main characters and many fans have rejoiced at the chance to pick up this evil skull-headed robot (myself included). I was able to check out the original red colorway complete with "KILL!" switch activated and am happy to say it's a great toy with a lot of personality.

Click hereThis toy is nicely made and it's really great to see a new medium explored with the use of wood. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say that one of the oldest of materials is revisited... But I digress. The toy is spot on to the design of the character we love from the shirts and other artworks in which he's stars. The sculpt job is really clean, and even though there isn't serious tooling in the cuts, it's important to note that this guy isn't molded like most of our toys. This was carved and cut from wood. It's hard to say exactly how many points of articulation he sports. The arms, legs, and neck are wire running through wooden discs. This looks really great and is much sturdier than I expected. However, the discs are so close together you can't get much range of motion from the wire. This is a tough issue to tackle. On one hand, they could have used less or thinner wooden discs on the appendages to allow more posing. But this wouldn't be appealing visually with the exposed wire. I think they went with the best option of keeping the aesthetics true to the original illustrations. Speaking of that, the paint applications, particularly the face, are nice and clean. The face has some real personality as he stares angrily and maybe a little bored at the same time. The sides of the body are gray while the other planes are a cream white. The edges are very clean as are the details in the hands and text on his chest screen. I particularly like the black on the inside of the appendage discs, adding even more dimension to the toy.

Click hereThe packaging is super nice, covered in a cityscape being attacked by Deathbot and flying saucers. The inside of the box is particularly nice and seems like it'd be a cool backdrop for your display somehow. What you've seen here is the original colorway of red/cream/black. There is also a more limited Suit Variant that's limited to 400 pieces. Both rock, so choose the one that fits your collection best.

Click hereNew Biskup toys are always welcome and this one is no exception. At around $20, this is a great addition to your collection, whether you dig Biskup (I'm addicted to red Biskup toys) or if you like evil robots. And if you say you don't like evil robots, you're fooling yourself.

Gama-Go’s site is full of some of the coolest threads you’ll ever see. They also have accessories and other great stuff. Plus, if you like their wares be sure to check out our upcoming 12 Days of Christmas Contest for something fantastic!

You can purchase the Deathbot at They have some great vinyl and Japanese toys. You owe it to yourself to check out their shop, there's always a discount!

Not only did Ningyoushi help produce these toys, they are a great place to pick up both versions of the evil 'bot.

Check out our Designer Toy Coverage page on your next break from work. Just don't let the boss see or you may have to come in on a Saturday.

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