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  • Jager peeks inside the Box in a Box Marvel collectibles from Japan.

  • Googler ducks and covers when playing with the hunting gear Dick Cheney (with shotgun) action figure.

  • Mr. Stinkhead puts Saddam Hussein (in crimes against humanity trial attire) through the ringer.

  • Mr. Stinkhead can't get his damn hands off the damn dirty Planet of the Apes' Taylor and Dr. Zaius from Sideshow Toys.

  • Mr. Stinkhead goes down deep and finds the Stikfas Diver and Octopus.

  • Mr. Stinkhead totally flips out and sprays ninjas on his unsuspecting coworkers.

  • Mr. Stinkhead gets super with the Super Hero/Villain sets from Stikfas

  • The most beautiful collectible ever, the 1:18 scale Batmobile (11" of die-cast goodness) based on the 1989 Tim Burton film.

  • Lando gets sidetracked with a slew of new toys from SideShow Collectibles, Bond, and Hellboy.

  • Something classy for your desk these days are the Designer toys in both plush and vinyl.

  • Hand made Tom Toys truck from Germany.

  • Jager touches his inner geek with the Geekman action figure.

  • Mr. Stinkhead shredds with the new Tony Hawk action toys from McDonalds.

  • Lando puts together the Millenium Falcon from LEGO.

  • Guyver builds the Mecha from MegaBloks.

  • toys/21p47.php gives the P47 Razorback from 21st Century Toys, a spin.

  • Brutilus takes a nice loooong look at the Scarlett G.I. Joe® mini-bust from Palisades Toys. He also looks at Snake Eyes.

  • See the MPb Toy of the Year, the Stikfas Mechana.

  • Check out the 1:24 scale die cast Back to the Future Welly DeLoreans.

  • We look at the Mezco and Kubrick take on the popular Alien figure.

  • Check out Mr. Stinkhead's review of Palisades' Convention Exclusive Vaudeville Statler & Waldorf. Then play around with the Statler & Waldorf's Insult-O-Matic

  • Mr. Stinkhead's salty review of the 13" Rotoscope Hulk

  •'s exclusive Bullet Dodge Neo from Matrix and Battle Damaged Enterprise.

  • Mr. Stinkhead closely examines MegaBloks: Alien Agency playsets.

  • T2 Endoskeleton Bobble-head, pictures, review, and rant about current glut of ill-planned bobble-heads.

  • T2 Endoskeleton Action figure, pictures and review of McFarlane's best Movie Maniac to date.

  • Even though he is Odd, Sideshow Toy's Twilight Zonegremlin is pretty cool on your desk. There's something on my desk!

  • Zula the Hula Girl, permanently resides in our Free Stuff gallery. She is an actual dancing hula girl you can download and assemble. She will really dance on your desk!

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