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Click hereESC Toys' Dizign
by Jager

Erick Scarecrow's newest toy is a very interesting look at Kaiju. This is obviously a very urban influenced version of the classic monster toy, and it really is a great mix of modern and classic ideas. This gal made her debut at NYCC to a great response and is the first of the Old Skool Kaiju line for ESC Toys. While she looks like she'd be more at home in a dj booth or on the dance floor, she still has an evil twinge to her design telling us she's ready to rumble or tear down some skyscrapers.

Dizign stands just over 10 inches tall which is a great sized vinyl toy. There are obvious manga influences to the design with the large feet and head balanced by the thin body. There are no points of articulation on this toy, but the sculpt is so great they aren't missed. There are a number of undercuts to the sculpt and a large number of small details are present. There are wrinkles and folds in her outfit giving a greater dimension to the overall look of the toy and there are fine details in the face and hands. Every line is cut into the toy as well. This is something that really adds a lot to the look of Dizign. Also, the paint applications are very clean. There are no light spots or smudges anywhere. This is my first ESC Toy and I'm very impressed with the quality control. The industry is getting so big, that many details are glazed over by some companies, and it's important to notice the people who still take pride in their work.

Click hereThere are some really great points to Dizign's uh… design that really deserve highlighted. I really am impressed with the weight to the figure. And by that I don't mean how she feels in your hands. The way her clothes hang on her legs, and the slight arch to her back really give a nice feeling to her stance. It's so much nicer than a stiff, straight figure. Also, the delicate nature of her fingers is really awesome. Finally, her face has a really subtle attitude. She's looking at you with this, "Don't push me, you'll regret it" attitude.

Click hereDizign is available in three colorways: Ultra (blue/red/yellow), Getta Glow, and Super Villain (seen here). Personally, I prefer the Super Villain, but I haven't seen the glow in it's light up glory. Overall, this is a really great toy. I have heard some nay-sayers complain that this isn't Kaiju, but does Kaiju really have to be a soft vinyl monster? True, this isn't traditional Kaiju by any means, but it's a large, city crushing monster and to me that's Kaiju. I'm anxious to see what comes next in this line. Erick Scarecrow's definitely made his mark on the Kaiju idea and the next toy is sure to be a great urban influenced monster too.

ESC Toys' web site has some great information on the toys being designed and produced by the company, check it out! has the Ultra and Glow versions in stock right now! Go get one and check out their other cool Japanese toys.

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