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Click herekidrobot's 8" Doma Dunny (cyan colorway)
with Jager

Every so often a Dunny is designed that really sets itself apart from the rest of the line. thought Doma's Dunny was such a fresh design, that they sent one over for us to check out, and I couldn't agree more. We are all familiar with the Dunny figure's form by now. kidrobot's fan favorite toy is a bunny that sets the stage for different artists to have a chance to design a toy, in their style, on the basic Dunny form. This is great for collectors who like to pick up toys created by various big name (and up and coming) artists applied to a common form, in other words, completists; and fans who follow certain artists in need of something fresh for their collection. This toy line has really taken off, and some could argue, has surpassed its predecessor the Qee. Usually, the Dunny's form is used to make a character to match the shape of the form: face, body, ears. But every so often an artist/designer takes this notion and throws it out the window to create a truly unique Dunny. Doma's is just such a design.

Click hereThere are three reasons this Dunny stands out. The first is the aforementioned lack of reference to the "bunny-like" form. This isn't to say that the creative talent at camp Doma didn't take the Dunny shape into consideration when designing the toy. What I mean to say is that the traditional front of the Dunny isn't a clear cut face. Instead, we are treated to a design that is Doma to the core. The most distinctive feature is the rainbow bridging the gap between two bubble-like clouds on the toy's right. The design is complete with drip marks to give it a street art style. Playing off this loose organic details are the straight, central pinstripes. They lead the eye down to an innocent looking oval face minus the nose and mouth. Flying over all this is a figure soaring with a crosshair over his heart. This is the first referenced detail hinting that maybe this Dunny isn't a happy innocent toy after all. This is reinforced even more by the red paint dripping down its chest. In fact, it looks like this guy is bleeding all the way around his neck! Down in the toy's left leg is a traffic cone. I have no idea what that's all about, but it does reinforce the diagonal visual line going from the rainbow through the chest to the foot.

Click hereThe back of the head has a very happy face painted with a huge smiling rainbow-like mouth and two white eyes. Plus there's a bullet hole in his forehead! The merging of cute and happy with death and violence has a strong effect on the viewer again becoming a common thread, which is the second strength of this Dunny's design. Again, there appears to be blood dripping down the back, or from this view, chest of the toy. His left arm has a red silhouetted figure tossing a molotov cocktail. This has to be my favorite detail. There are traffic cones on this side as well and last but not least a pill and heart next to each other. This Dunny seems to love his medicine. Maybe that's why he can smile with a bullet between his eyes. That's two fully realized designs, but what really hits home is that you can turn his head giving you the possibility of four different ways to display your Dunny.

Click hereThe third strength of Doma's Dunny is the color choices. The toy is cast in a rich, bright blue that seems to pulse next to the red and yellow paint apps. It's true. Remember the rules of the color wheel! This effect really adds to the overall appeal to this piece. It wouldn't have the same effect if the paint apps were applied to a more muted color form. The design and color choices are strong. However, the quality of the paint apps has its weaknesses. In more than one area, colors are bleeding onto other color passes. Also the thickness of the paint is very light in some areas. Finally, some of the passes don't line up quite right. This isn't consistent throughout every application on the piece, and may not be the same with every toy produced; but mine wasn't very clean. Having said that though, Doma's design is stronger than what the paint apps are lacking.

Click hereThe box is also quite nice. It is covered in art by Doma on all six sides and is consistent with the drippy, surreal style on the Dunny. The figure reviewed is the cyan version obviously, but there is also a red colorway. But the thing you need to know is that it isn't the same design laid on a red Dunny. It has an original design all its own.

I am very impressed with Doma's Dunny. I love the superficial happiness that is wiped away upon closer inspection. This is a great Dunny to add to your Dunny collection, or if you are looking for a design that may sway your opinion to the Dunny's form this is your chance.

You can scoop this guy and other great Designer Toys at They also have a great selection of Japanese toys.

Doma's site,, is full of info on the artist team. There are bios, art samples, and a list of all their projects. They do a lot of cool stuff besides toys.

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