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Diamond Select Toys Interview
by Lando da Pimp

Click hereWe recently had a chat with Diamond Select Toys' Michael Leavey. He gives us the rundown on some upcoming DST toys! Check out the premiere of the Fistfull of Dollars Minimates! These will be revealed on DST's web site tomorrow. You saw it here first folks. Can you give us an idea about the articulation and details of the upcoming BSG action figures?

DST: We think the BSG figures are our best combination of sculpt and articulation to date. Jean St Jean Studios did an amazing job once again with the likeness and uniform detailing and we are utilizing some new joints that we have not previously done. The basic figure will be articulated very much like the Stargate line, T- hips, cut bicep, knee, ankle, elbow... The one new addition is the Hip Hinge, which really allows a lot more posing options. The first series action figures are about to hit stores, the second series released in January. Any news on what figures we may see for series 3 or 4?

DST:We have the first three releases planned out, and once Series 1 ships we will announce the characters for Series 3. With the new movie Razor coming out in November, the character options are really expanding!

MPb: Any particular reason why Admiral Adama or Dr. Baltar (very main characters of the show) were not included in the first two waves?

DST: BSG has an incredibly deep cast. And while there are several "A" level characters, there are a good number of "B" level characters - and with the first couple releases we really wanted to mix up the character assortments and take advantage of the depth of the show.

MPb: When do you think we will see the first Cylon figure?

DST: The first Cylon figure will be released with Series 2, and we are still tweaking some of the final articulation on it. I can say however, that the Cylon figure has an incredible engineering design that we hope action figure collectors and fans of the show will appreciate.

MPb: Are there any plans on producing a Viper, Raptor, or Battlestar Galactica playsets for the action figures?

DST: Right now we are not planning any vehicles for the figure line. Just the resin replicas for now.

MPb: On a side note, I'm very sad to hear that the Buffy line is about to be discontinued. What can fans do to change Diamonds mind, and continue producing figures for this line?

DST:We never said that the line was being discontinued. We cancelled 2 releases and are going to give the line a break for now.

Click hereMPb: On to Star Trek! I love the exclusive Wrath of Khan figures. Any plans on making figures from the other Original Series cast films?

DST:TWOK is arguably the greatest of the Star Trek film franchise. Right now we are going to concentrate on that and then go into some Deep Space Nine releases.

Check out the MPb review of the Wrath of Khan figures.

MPb:I am also very pleased with the Next Generation figures, and can't wait for the Deep Space Nine line this month. Both series had numerous secondary characters that I would love to see produced. What is Diamond's plan on producing secondary characters?

click for biggerDST:We are going to complete the set of main crew members for Deep Space Nine - but sales will really determine whether we decide to do the non-main characters. We are fans of the Trek and DS9 in the office, and all of us have favorites we'd like to see done.

All photographs are ©2007

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