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Click to see! Medicom Toy's Edward Scissorhands Kubricks
by Jager

Being a big fan of the film Edward Scissorhands, I was very excited to finally have Medicom's Kubrick versions of the main players in the movie. Well, two of the main characters and two sculptures, but you get the idea. The four-pack comes with Edward (the guy with the scissors for hands), Kimberly (that ho that makes fun of Ed only to fall in love him at the end when it's too late), an ice sculpture (angels are so pretty...), and a Tree (that I will refer to as Bush Man from here on out). All come packaged together, so it's all or nothing.

The articulation is basic Kubrick. Arms, legs, waist, head, and hands are all moveable on Ed (Edward, dear), Kimberly, and Bush Man. The Ice Angel doesn't have any articulation at all. This is a sore spot with me, but we'll get back to that. First, the good:

Click to see!Edward is perfect. His face has that pale, worried expression that was plastered on jim the whole movie. He seems to be saying Will I ever be finished? He has buckles and belts molded into his chest and painted on his legs. The hands are great too. The paint used has a metallic quality to it that really gives them a good shine. I really like how each finger/blade is in a different position giving them the illusion of being caught mid click. Edward was constantly moving his fingers and making cutting noises in the flick. This is the best figure of the pack, as it should be.

Click to see!Kimberly is about as hot as a Kubrick can be. She's sporting her white Christmas party dress with revealing low cut shoulders. But the top really bothers me. You see, when you lift up Kim's arms it pulls her top up causing her hair to pop off.ĘNot only that, but the skirt portion of her dress renders her legs useless. And on top of all of that, her molded hair makes it impossible to move her head. So basically, you have to just stand her next to Edward not doing anything but standing there looking pretty. Hmm... maybe she's not such a bad gal after all.

Click to see!The Ice Angel is by far the worst piece of the set. I understand that at the end of the film when Edward is carving it we all understand just how cool and special he is and Kim makes the realization that she's been a crap to him and she really wants to love him after all. But this doesn't mean we need an action figure of it. I would definitely rather have Vincent Price's character, the Inventor, but what do I know? The good thing about the Ice Angel is this: She is key in setting up that perfect scene on your desk with Kim and Edward.
End of story.

Click to see!The surprise hit of the set is Tree, or as I like to call him Bush Man. This guy is based on one of the many bushes that Edward sculpts in the movie, but doesn't really look like any of them. He's green with little VŐs painted on him to give him the illusion of being bushy. He's just so simple and perfect that I can't help but love him. Plus, he's fully poseable, so who needs that Angel?

Click to see!Aside from the figures, the set comes with an interlocking stand for each and a cardboard background that slides into them showing Edward's mansion in the distance. It's a nice touch and great to use if you want to pose your figures in the most static way possible.

Click to see!Overall, this is a great set. I'm really impressed with Edward and Tree is just great. I would recommend getting this box set if you are either a fan of the movie or Kubricks in general. Kubricks never cease to amaze me with their ability to apply a known person's features to a block figure and still retain their likeness. These set is no exception.

I know I really ragged on the Ice Angel but believe me; it's worth the price just for Ed and the Tree.

You can pick up this set from our friends at Check out some of the other Kubricks we happen to love in our Imports column.

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