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Click here!spacer Toy Vault's Tim the Enchanter's Hat
by Jager

So you're looking for a good party hat. One that will really get you in the mood to lay down some beats, break out your new moves, and maybe even make fire shoot from your fingers. Well, does Toy Vault have the cure for that itch! With Tim the Enchanter's hat, Toy Vault continues its wonderful line of Monty Python goodies. But they've made a drastic change from their current releases. With this they've created a wearable hat that is a spot on version of Tim's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail... You know, the guy who warns them about the Rabbit with Pointy Teeth.

Click here!Well, that's no ordinary rabbit...or hat!
Yes that's right, it's a fake leather skull cap with ear holes and plush ram horns. The horns are made with the attention to detail Toy Vault is known for, with tight dark stitches going around them to give them a "ram-like" texture. They curve down to your shoulders and bounce when you move about. I know what you're thinking... "Yes, but is it comfortable?" I can tell you it is indeed comfortable. The horns are light enough that they don't bother you really. Plus, as I said before, it has ear holes so you can hear everything. It may look a bit cumbersome, but it isn't. And if you need to run or even do a cartwheel, it has strings that you can tie under your chin.

Click here!He can leap about!
So I felt the need to give this hat a true test drive. To me, this is just about the best party hat I have ever seen, and seeing as how I was lucky enough to get it just before New Year's Eve, I thought what a better time to try it out? The hat was passed about throughout the evening. And everyone enjoyed wearing it. Even those who were reluctant at first got a huge smile when they put it on. And believe it or not, it didn't get torn, stretched, or even stained. In short, it passed the test drive with flying colors.

Click here!Death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!
I'm really impressed with this hat. Not only is it just a great hat to wear for fun, it's an accurate representation of Tim's hat from the movie. I mean, who wants to wear a hat with real ram horns? No one. This is the best way to pretend to be an Enchanter with out having to worry about poking people's eyes out. So whether you're a cosplayer at some sort of Monty Python convention or you just like to collect fun hats you should check out this lid.

Stay tuned for our Toy Fair 2005 coverage. We'll let you in on all the plans Toy Vault has for the coming year. And check out our coverage of similar designer plush.

Toy Vault has its own shop that has this and lots of other great plush (Python and otherwise).

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