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Hasbro's Revenge of the Sith Sneak Preview
By Lando Da Pimp


On my weekly toy run this weekend I came across the Revenge of the Sith sneak preview figures. Like Episode II sneak preview figures, Hasbro, has released four new ROTS action figures to help build the anticipation of the final installment of Star Wars. Check them out:

click for largerGeneral Grievous (1 of 4)
The back of the packaging details that General Grievous is a brilliant military fighter and commander of the droid armies. Grievous was trained in lightsaber combat by the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, making him a particularly deadly opponent for the Jedi.

click for largerGeneral Grievous was the only figure that I opened (I have no room to display most of my figures so I keep them in the packaging) and I am glad I did because he is flippin sweet. Grievous only has 7 points of articulation. The only problem is that his arms do not bend at the elbow. His cape is made of soft plastic that can easily be bended and folded. It is also removable. His accessories are lightsaber and blaster.

click for larger click for larger click for larger

Tion Medon (2 of 4)
Tion Medon is a new character that can be seen in the trailer for the film. The packaging describes Tion as a local administrator on the reomote sanctuary of Utapau, a planet pitted with enormous sinkholes. He meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has arrived in search of the droid army leader, General Grievous.

click for larger click for larger

Wookiee Warrior (3 of 4)
The most exciting scene from the ROTS trailer was the Wookiee army. That small clip reminded me of a scene from Braveheart and I can't wait to see them in action. The Wookiee Warrior's packaging details that Wookiees must defend their home planet of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars while being led by Yoda.

click for larger click for larger

R4-G9 ( 4 of 4)
The last sneak preview figure is the droid R4-G9. R4 was the droid in Episode II that accompanies Ob1 on his search for Jango Fett. In Episode III R4 goes along with OB1 on his search for General Grievous on the sinkhole planet of Utapau.

click for larger click for larger

Seeing these figures makes me extremely excited to see Episode III along with collecting all the Episode III merchandise. will get a good look at everything that is about to arrive in stores at Toy Fair next month. Check back for more updates.

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