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Click for largerspacerAtomic Monkey’s Franken Monkey
with Jager

Atomic Monkeyís first vinyl toy, Franken Monkey, combines three things we love here at MillionairePlayboy: Monkeys, zombies, and visible brains. Throw in the fact that the brain is removable and glows in the dark and more than one staffer gets a little giddy. This toy just oozes with character and while it doesnít have a super intricate design you are drawn to this guy because of his personality.

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Franken Monkey used to be an average monkey sitting in trees and eating bananas until one day he was caught and experimented upon. The result is what you see before you. A zombie-like monkey with three eyes, a blank stare, curled tail, and the coolest part: a removable brain. First, letís talk a bit about the design. There are two points of articulation, the head and the tail. Not too many, but with such a big head if he didnít have a solid base to sit on heíd tip over all the time. I really appreciate the sculpt of this toy. The eyes are sunken in, and each of the three is in a different state. Also, the geometric pattern that the ear details and tailís curl give the feeling of something not natural like it would if these were rounded curves. I love his gapping mouth with tongue hanging out and the hand positions are nice too with one on his chest and one dragging on the ground. The best sculpt feature to point out is the skull cap. This rests on his head snuggly with the help of the seams. These almost snap into place on his head and give the impression that the skull is a solid piece with the cut made for detail. But you can pop this top off and expose the glow-in-the-dark brain! Not only that, you can remove the brain for extra creepy goodness. The brain is made of a softer vinyl which seems fitting and the ridges covering it are also a geometric pattern (not round like they should be) echoing back to the tail and ear designs. The paint apps are pretty tight with no bleeding or smudging in the details. I did lose a bit of paint from his nose on the package window, but thatís more of a packaging issue. The eyes on this little guy also glow in the dark (what did those scientists do to him?). Iím really falling for glowing vinyl and this one has a nice glow to it. When heís glowing in a totally dark room his eyes seem to float in space and if you have the skull cap open a bit, you can see the glow from the brain too. Itís totally rad.

Franken Monkey came at just the right time for me. This creature feels like a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with bunnies and rehashed cutesy designs. This is a truly original toy and one that will get some attention from your friends. Heís sturdy enough for them to take out the brain without you worrying about it breaking too. If you like toy involving monkeys, zombies, or glowing brains you should check this out and if you like all three, this is the toy youíve been waiting for!

Atomic Monkeyís site has info on all their projects as well as a shop where you can pick up your own Franken Monkey.

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