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Click herespacerHappy Worker's Geekman
with Jager

With Geekman, Happy Worker throws its hat into the Designer Toy market. Where most action figures bring icon status to already familiar characters such as super heroes or movie franchises; Geekman lifts up the common man to the status of plastic icon. We all know (or are) a geek or two. This toy is made with them in mind.

The Geek sports 11 points of articulation. Sure, that's not as much as we're used to, but this guy is a geek for goodness sake! He's not supposed to be saving people from burning buildings, he only needs to be able to sit down at a desk and type on his computer. And he does that nicely. Or rather he sits on top of my computer shaking his head as I surf without care of virus or pop up. I have to say that more than once I popped his hands off, but I found on the Geekman web site that they are planning new hands to hold new and exciting tools, so they designed him that way. But still, mine popped off a good bit. Also, the plastic he's made with feels light and thin. When I first opened up the package I was afraid I'd break the little guy. But after some thought, it's occurred to me that maybe this toy should seem a little more fragile. He is a geek, after all. How many geeks do you know who could climb that rope in gym class? So, his lightness adds to his charm in comparison to, say, Wolverine. Also, I should point out that this is a Designer Toy so he isn't made for rough and tumble out in the back yard with your Joes. He's made to be displayed and enjoyed. Sure, you can pose him, but you'll need to be gentler than you may be used to. The paint apps are very nice, as would be expected on such a toy. His hair is two toned, shoelaces are nice and neat, and his pocket protector has four writing utensils. This is a nicely designed toy.

It may be surprising, but he comes with 5 different accessories. He has a watch that straps around his wrist. This was very difficult to get on, but looked great when I finally succeeded. There's also a travel mug and removable glasses. What kind of geek would he be without his trusty laptop? A terrible one, that's what. The laptop opens and closes and has a sticker on the screen giving the appearance that he's checking out his own web site and various other programs. Finally, he has a PDA. This is the coolest accessory because it has a little magnet in its back. There are also magnets in the figure's waist so he can carry his PDA on his waist ready for action like a six shooter. This is a very nice touch. All his tools fit snugly in his hands.

Finally, Geekman comes with a Secret Passcode. This code can be entered on the Geekman web site to be entered in contests for fun prizes. Pretty nifty!

Overall, this figure is a nice addition to anyone's collection. It'd make a great gift to the special geek in your life, or you can display it to proudly say to the world, "I'm a geek and I'm proud!"

Check out Geekman's site for stats, pics of real geeks (submitted by themselves), and a theme song! Geekman is one of the toys touring with the Subcultures: the Art of the Action Figure exhibit.

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