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After you're done thinking of others, think about yourself. Get ready for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway starting Dec 12
MPb's Holiday Gift Guide 2004
by the Staff

Here we are coming up on the holidays, and oh crap you need some good presents! Last year we lined up some gifts that are great for impressing the ladies in your life. Maybe you have caught her eye once or twice, maybe you've smacked that caboose once or twice. Either way, the holidays are a great opportunity for getting in the good graces of the females of the species. This is the perfect season for introducing yourself, or making your interest clear to that cutie you're working on.

Now the presents and advice from last year are still good, but there's been a whole year's worth of swag since then, and our attention span lasts about as long as the line to go see Fat Albert; the live action film.

We're going to try and put these gifts into natural categories, and use the helpful icon system from last year (but explained again below)

Here is the symbol guide: (if you hover your mouse over the image later down the page, it'll explain what it means)

Gift is Appropriate For:

small children
Small children
guys like us
Guys like us
older people/ non collectors
Older folks and non-collectors
The Ladies

Be Warned, the Gifts may:

get you in trouble
Get you in trouble
be expensive
Be expensive
hard to find
Be hard to find
Not be touched (fragile)
look weird
Make you look weird

Bold links go to a web site in a new window, non-bold links go to a previous article or review

Presents for Guys Like Us

Art Asylum's Marvel and DC MiniMates (C3)   ($5-50)

small childrenteensguys like us

click for review and loads of picsNow the Marvel crew is joined in pocket-sized scale and fun articulation by the DC gang. Art Asylum has taken their popular (and for good reason) Minimates a step further with the C3 Building sets. Each set consists of building block pieces to make everything from a simple Batglider to a three tier Batcave! You can buy little sets, you can buy big sets. Not sure? The best one for size and price is the Chemical Warehouse, you get a little playset, and an animated style Batman and Joker.

Fun fact: Minimates are cute enough to eat, but you shouldn't!

Check out our coverage including all of our Marvel and DC Minimate reviews.

Joker's Chemical Warehouse is : $10 at Also check out all of their Minimates for sale.

favorite characters may now be harder to find hard to find

Tyco RC's Terrain Twister
($50 for car; $20 for battery)
Toys R Us has both for $60!

children teens guys like us older people/non collectors

read review with loads of pics and videoWe recently test drove the Terrain Twister on all kinds of surfaces. Our review has loads of pics and video! This hefty little guy easily conquered grass, wet sand, dirt, carpet, gravel, pavement, and standing water. And everyone from young children (6ish) all the way up to mid 30s and beyond were itching for a chance to try it out.

The rub is that you need to also buy the TMH Flexpack rechargeable battery. It's a good battery (4 hours of charge for 4 hours of play) but it's $30 in most stores. We found that sells it for $20.

Right now Toys R Us stores are selling the Terrain Twister for $60, and you get the battery for free! Hurry, supplies are running out!

You will also need a standard 9V Battery for the controller. Any brand will do.

Check back for possible cheaper prices... be expensive

Hasbro's Xevoz ($6-20)

children guys like us

click for review and loads of picsThe Xevoz line is one of our favorite toy lines of all time. They're interchangeable, customizable, and absolutely incredible with their posing ability. Every piece of Xevo goodness can be worked into any of the other sets. And speaking of sets, there's a plethora of figures you can get. The skeleton, the mummy, the ninja, the bug, the cowboy, the giant ape, these are great for collectors and kids alike. They're like crack to me, only slightly more harmful to my wallet.

Sadly, the Xevoz line is rumored to be axed, so you should be lucky and find these clearanced or on sale around the holidays.

I recommend the Bone Cutter vs Saw Blade as the set to get to introduce someone to the series. You get two really sweet looking figures, and a game board so you can try out the game play as well. Plus they're $7 at Toys R Us.

I also recommend these as great candidates for your Toys for Tots donation, especially if they go on sale.

Check out all of the available Xevoz on
Thunder Shaman, the ape from Wave 4 is available from Imagination Station, give them a call and ask for James. We'll keep you posted when they get the rest of Wave 4.

No drawbacks, besides the fact that Hasbro is not making any new ones right now...

Art Asylum's Lord of the Rings Minimates

teensguys like us

click for review and loads of pics Using the same body as the Marvel and DC Minimates (above), these Lord of the Rings characters are just as collectable and poseable. The LOTR sets come with a lot more in the way of accessories and weapons too. You can get two packs and four packs, which show three figures and feature a bonus "fourth, hidden figure." The surprise figure is either a twilight Frodo (cast in clear plastic) or a Uruk Hai warrior. (Amazon lets you pick)

Art Asylum utilized some scale with these figures. The hobbits, Gimli and Gollum are the "Marvel" scale (2" high) where as the humans, elves, and orcs are closer to 3". There's even a slightly larger Sauron exclusive figure that was available at Tower Records.

Each of the figures comes with a great accessory or two. Frodo even comes with a tiny metal ring with a rope to put around his neck. Gollum comes with a little fish. For Minimate or LOTR fans, these are great to add to your collection without taking up a lot of space.

Check out our Lord of the Rings Minimate review, for loads of photos.

Here you can see the available LOTR Minimates from


Mattel's The Batman Figures and Playsets

small childrenguys like us

click for review and loads of picsI am a fan of the new The Batman cartoon on Kids' WB Saturday Mornings. This new animated series is set in the caped crusader's third year under the cowl, meaning he's still getting knocked around a bit, having issues juggling his alter ego life, and being pursued by the police. It's an interesting take, and I find the art and action to be enjoyable. Most people say it's not quite Batman the Animated Series from the 90s, but that's ok. That series is on DVD now, this is new and fresh.

The figures are sculpted by the Four Horsemen, who were also responsible for the MOTU reincarnation. They are sculpting figures based on the animated characters, so there's not much of their stylized flair evident in these figures.

I'm recommending these for the younger set and anything-Batman set. I think the figures have a good, clean look, and at $6 at Target, they're not too bad. It's easy to find the figures I'm looking for. I will fault Mattel for the explosion of highlighter orange characters and the fact that the batarang is permanently affixed to Batman's arm. But the Batmobile is sweet, and the Batcave is huge (though not without its flaws).

If you're like me and you simply can't bring yourself to buy a child Bey Blades or Power Rangers, I recommend going the Batman route. His newest Batmobile interacts with the TV show!

Check out all of our Batman coverage all in one place.

You find most The Batman toys on Amazon.

favorite characters may now be harder to find hard to find

Palisades Toys' Adventure Kermit

the ladiesguys like us

click for review and loads of picsThe best action figure of the year in Lando's opinion is Palisades Adventure Kermit. This figure is a great homage to everybody's favorite archeologist Indiana Jones, unofficially of course. This is a must-have unique collectable for both Muppets and Indiana Jones fans.

Check out our review with loads of pics.

Buy Adventure Kermit from

This con-exclusive is typically hard to find, but it is available online.hard to find

LEGO Millenium Falcon
($75 on Amazon)

teensguys like us

click for review and loads of pics

This is by far LEGO’s best set of the year. The second version of Han’s ship is a huge improvement on the previous set. Anybody who loves Star Wars will enjoy this set as will LEGO fans that love a challenging set to construct. Be warned it is a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Check out our review with pics.

Buy from

Sometimes $100 in stores, Amazon has it for $75expensive

Friends With You Designer plush

teensguys like us non-collectorsladies

Click hereSo you have a few kids on your list, or that special someone who would appreciate a stuffed animal but you don't want to get them a boring teddy bear. Friends with You produces the art fancy plush that you're looking for. These plush are said to contain magic and we're inclined to agree. Just pick up one of these critters and you feel better. People smile at you more. That good looking barista you've been eye balling gives you their number. Lottery tickets are all winners. Well, all that may not happen, but at the very least you will be happier when you get a hug from someone like Mr. TTT. (and check out the rest).

Friends with You hang out at finer designer toy stores like Kidrobot and Sweaty Frog. And with so many various sizes and designs, the price you are willing to spend is up to you.



Rocket World's I.nsurgent W.ilderness G.ruppo

teensguys like us non-collectorsladies

Click hereThese guys are really popular here at MPb and with good reason. These vinyls are classic examples of taking a big idea and applying it to a material without being too serious about it. The idea is this: humans are constantly encroaching on animal habitat. You know, all that tree hugging, no littering, important stuff. But these animals aren't hippies! They carry an arsenal of weapons and are prepared to take their territory back by force! There's Titus the Grizzly Bear with his bolt action rifle, Affonso the White Rhino toting an AK-47, and Hannibal the Mountain Gorilla with a grenade and a bandoleer! So for the environmentally conscience on your list, or the lover of fine Vinyl, you should check out I.nsurgent W.ilderness G.ruppo from Rocket world.

You can pick these guys up as they appear at Kidrobot and Ningyoushi for $40 give or take a few bucks.

Like most limited runs, these guys won't last forever.hard to find

Strangeco's Mars-1

teensguys like us non-collectors

Click hereIf you are looking for a classy Designer Toy, look no further than Mars-1. This is a top quality vinyl made with the art sensibilities that prove that Urban Vinyl is an art form while still being a toy. This piece is perfect for the science (fiction or not) fan on your list. The design allows for many feelings and stories to be created by the owner. But don't think that you need to be some serious collector of the peculiar or art savvy to enjoy this toy. If you like it, don't sweat it! That's all the justification you need.

This and the blue variant are available at Kidrobot and Ningyoushi sitting right around the $60 range, but worth every penny.



Presents for Girls
Either significant others, or potential hook-ups

Barbie Collectors Series
Barbie as Galadriel & Ken as Legolas

(girl friends)

Click here to see at AmazonOk here is a dilemma for you. Your lady friend wants a Barbie doll. Uggghhhh I know its so not cool. We have a great idea for those who donít want to buy a girly Barbie Doll. Pick up the Mattel Collectors series Barbie as Galadriel and Ken as Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Even if your girl is not into Lord of the Rings the dollís have a great Prince / Princess feel that should please her. Plus if you have to buy a doll at least it is not in a pink box!

Buy Barbie As Galadriel $40 from

Buy Ken as Legolas $40 from

make you look weirdexpensive


Handmade Purse and Matching Scarf
($30 for a set)

(Girl friends, and girls you know pretty well.)

click for review and loads of pics

Handmade gifts are always nice, they not only have a great quality, but they say Screw you to the big money-grubbing corporations (and their impoverished workers overseas!). But sometimes you don't have the time or skill to make something really nice.

Lots of local artists make handmade gifts, such as handbags and scarves, not to mention blankets, hats, and other fun apparel.

I designed MaggiesBaggies for a friend, so I'm kind of plugging them specifically.

You can view some examples then e-mail your order and pick a color/style at handmade bags and scarves from MaggiesBaggies

Hurry if you want it by Christmas!

Small Gift and Certificate (Under $25)

(girl friends, potential hook-ups)

click to buy Sutter home for $4Gift certificates used to be cold and impersonal, but frankly, I'd rather get a gc then return something. It's now more socially acceptable to get someone a gc, but the offensiveness rises in proportion to how well you know someone. Significant other? This better not be her only present.

Here's an idea for someone you just started dating, or are trying to get to know better, how about a bottle of wine (not too expensive), and a gift certificate to Borders books? It's classy, original, and shouldn't be too hard on the wallet. If you don't know her favorite wine (or she's not really into wine yet) we recommend Sutter Home White Zinfandel, it's sweet tasting, and typically $5-7 for a decent sized bottle. It's not the wine of choice of connoisseur, but it's a crowd pleaser.

Not into the wine thing? What about a nice mug and a gift certificate to Starbucks (or local coffee joint). Starbucks even has refillable cards that are more like credit cards than gift certificates.

This is something we recommend tracking down locally, not off the net. The beautiful thing about GCs is that you can get them even on the last day. And they come in a variety of cool designs these days.

If she's your girlfriend, you better get something bigger in addition to this. This is a good stocking stuffer get you in trouble

Ingredients for a Romantic Evening (Under $30)

(girlfriends, beginning relationships)

click to check out Yankee candle from the safety of your own homeSo you've gotten to know your lady and things are going along just fine. It's time to light that fire in her heart (and hopefully other places). A good way to do this is with candles, lotions, and massage oils. Not only do these presents show her you are a sensitive guy who likes to pamper his lady, they also can lead to romantic escapades (candle light sets the mood, and the lotion does its magic). But these presents require a little research. Does your girl like fruity smells? Or are fancy perfume smells her thing? Also, you need to know how to use that massage oil, buddy! You can't just slap it on her and hope for the best. But if done right, this present can be for you as much as it is for her.

Bath and Body Works Fragrance guide would be a good place to start. Their stores also have fun looking massagers you put on your hand. And if you're like me, you dread going to Yankee Candle in the mall. (When will they come out with my favorite scents? Bacon, sawdust, hopps, or strippertits?)

requires some research to get the right fragrance hard to find

Jewelry (Under $100)


It's time to knock your lady's socks off with a gift that will let her know how much you really dig her. When things get serious, it's time to give jewelry (no, not tungsten rings). We're talking necklaces or earrings here, fellas. Relax. If your gal likes silver, you're in luck because you can pick nice stuff for a relatively inexpensive price. If she's into gold, you can still find some earrings that won't break the bank but don't look as fancy as the same priced silver pieces. Birthstones are a nice touch, but you MUST know the right one. If you mess this up, you'll be in serious trouble!

We found a simple birthstone chart. When buying earrings, it's important to know whether your lady friend has pierced ears or not. We also recommend a nice necklace. You don't need to know a size (like a ring) and you don't need to know how many holes are in her ears. A necklace fits any neck and you can slip it on right after she opens it. Tell her how great she looks with it on and see what happens.

can get pricey, but look for sales in the newspaper not cheap

MillionairePlayboy Shirts for Girls (Under $20)

(girl friends)

check out our storeCan I take your TOY out of the package?
Girls have always looked good in t-shirts, and their t-shirts always look good on our floor... but the now t-shirts are gaining a more wide-spread acceptability for being worn "out" to social events. Yeah, t-shirts have always been commonplace at cook-outs and casual shopping, but now they're hip enough to be chosen to be worn out to the clubs and trendy parties. We whole-heartedly recommend the shirts... not only are you advertising the site, but we get a couple bucks from every sale. Sweet!

$19 from CafePress

get you in trouble

Lingerie (Under $50)

(girl friends)

If you know your lady well, and we mean really well, lingerie is a great gift. There's not much to say about this wonderful fashion creation that you don't already know. It's beautiful, makes for a fun night, and is like Christmas every time she wears it (half the fun is un-wrapping it). But let's face it. This is really a present for you, not her. And she knows it. So it is very important to not spend more on this than other gifts or it may backfire. Also, the basic rule of thumb is to buy a size SMALLER in the butt, LARGER in the bust. (unless she specifically gives you a size for a specific store). See, the trick is that by getting something smaller, you're flattering her. She thinks you think she's a lot skinnier. (or have way bigger boobs) Bonus!

You may not believe us, but Victoria Secret actually sells things. That's right, it's not just a free magazine, it's a catalog. They have a great (and helpful) website too. Victoria's You can sign up to receive the catalog from home. Bonus again.

She may only wear it once, so don't blow the bank. expensiveget you in trouble

BAD Gift Ideas

(one pissed off girl)chicks

Here are some of the mistakes we made, under no circumstances should you give these to your lady friend as a holiday present.

  • © Getty ImagesThe gift of motherhood
  • A vacuum (even if its the robotic Roomba)
  • Star Wars Box set... she may even kind of like Star Wars, but no that much.
  • Feminine hygiene products with googly eyes glued to them
  • Slim Jim brand beef jerky
  • Pearl necklace
  • Dukes of Hazzard on DVD... it's an acquired taste
  • Coupon good for one free night of lovin', even if you print it out on fancy paper
  • Chop-chop vegetable slicer, not even for valentine's day
  • Amazon bucks you won for filling out surveys
we tried to warn you big big trouble

Bath and Body Works Seasonal Soap Thingies ($5-15)

(hopeful hook-up)chicks

Yeah, this one is from last year, but we really firmly believe its one of the best presents you can give... Maybe you playfully flirt at work, maybe you quietly notice her in the cafeteria. You want to make a move, but not sure how. Thanks to Bath and Body Works, you can pick up a small seasonal soap thingie, like a shampoo bottle in the shape of a snowman, or scrubby poofs with animal faces to give to your lady friend. Here are the benefits:

  • If she already has one, she can always use more
  • You don't have to worry about clothing sizes or styles
  • It's small, so it's not a financial risk, or going to throw you on the psycho-stalker level
  • She will be thinking of you when she uses it, which is when she is
    A) naked and B) touching her naughty spots.

Here are some alternatives if you don't want to hit BB&

Thanks SallyB
the later you wait to go, the slimmer the picken's at the store hard to find


Presents for Kids, Grown-Ups and Others Who Don't Want Toys
Or think they don't want toys

America: The Book
From the writers of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart ($15)

teenschicks guys like usolder collectors

click to buy from AmazonAs with their television program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, these creative writers have perfectly mimicked their mark... this time a high-school text book. Lampooning the politics and inner workings of this fine nation, America the Book is absolutely hilarious. Read Lando's review.

This book is perfect for flipping open to any section and just reading a snippet, or delving in for the long haul. There's plenty of good material.

It's going for cheaper than stores at

Not so much fragile, as not for little kidsexpensive


Squishee Stuff!

kidsteens guys like usolder collectors

click to buy from AmazonMr. Stinkhead loves squishee stuff. Doesn't matter what it is, if it squishes, it's great. Everything from stress relievers to weird rubber concoctions, he's got a lot.

The ultimate maker of all things squishee is Play Visions. Each year they push the boundaries of squishee-chic. This year is no different. From the gigantic (size of a softball!) spikey inside out ball (pictured right) to the new spikey glove (click for pic), there's always something new.

It's best to find these things at mom n' pop toy stores, so you can play with them before you buy. Check out the PlayVisions web site to see what's out there.



Tom Toys' Wooden Vehicles

kidsolder collectors

review coming soonThe Tom Toy trucks are hand made in Germany. Though not for rough housing, they're perfect size for little hands, they're in scale with playmobil figures. This truck features a working steering wheel, great rubber tires, t-bone suspension, opening and closing doors, a removable ladder, and old world craftsmanship. You can read our large review here.

I recommend these for a young child, (not a baby), or someone with an appreciation for old style toys. These are available exclusively at Also check out their unique Scale Viewer, where you can compare the size of the selected toy to common objects like a golf ball or soda can. It's pretty useful.

not for pushing off a deck fragileexpensive


MEG's Stink Blaster: Blaster


review here nowWe here at MPb love the Stink Blasters, the fun little toys that really do smell really bad when you squeeze their head. Series II is coming out and will be available early after Christmas, however, to tide you over, MEG presents the Stink Blaster Blaster a full sized air cannon that you can hold, and shoot, stinky air across the room at people. This thing stinks. No really, it really, really stinks. I warn you that the parent of the lucky child you give this too will never speak to you again. They will write you out of their will, and then find out if they're in your will, the hard way.

Overall great fun! It doesn't require any batteries, and you really do get to shoot stinky air about 10-20'. Who could ask for anything more?
Read our full review here.

How about the opportunity to stink up a crowded elevator? Check out the Stinky Elevator Flash game that Lando and Stinkhead made.

Buy from

big trouble BIG TROUBLE

Men's Adventure Magazines
by Max Allan Collins, Rich Oberg, George Hagenauer, Steven Heller

Old Guysguys like us

click to buy from Amazon.comThis book is a great collection of cover art, magazine spreads, and great retro artwork of Men's Adventure Magazine. The magazine saw Men battling dangerous beasts while protecting busty (helpless) females. I love to look back at how tasteless the periodicals of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s were. Be warned though this is a book for guys only. The ladies can be very offended by this book. Which of course is the biggest reason to buy it.

Buy from



Digital Dream's JB1 - 007 Digital Camera ($80)
$100 with $20 rebate

teensguys like usolder people

click for review and loads of picsEverybody loves digital cameras, and you can't go wrong with this officially licensed James Bond camera. Small and sleek, the body resembles a Zippo® lighter, but flip the top and you can take a pic. The internal memory holds 8MB and the whole thing operates off of a single AAA battery.

Not only can you take 640 X 480 pics, there's video, audio, and surveillance mode, where it automatically takes a pic on the interval you program. I found I had as much fun taking "spy" shots as I did showing it off to people. This puppy got a lot of comments.

When you're done, slide the unit out of the case and plug it in to any PC with the USB cord. You can also use the included software to set it up as a web cam.

Check out my review with a lot of pics.

It's exclusively available in the US from, and right now there's a $20 rebate good until the end of the year.


Swiss Army USB Knife ($65-$110)

teensguys like usolder people

Pick up from ThinkGeek.comEverybody is picking up USB flash drives these days. Commonly the size of a stick of gum, these key chain size drives plug into your computer directly through a USB port. That's 250-512 Mb (and above) in the palm of your hand. These are quickly replacing Zip® and other types of portable storage. Victornox takes their concept of ultimate convenience one step further by including a flip out flash drive in an official Swiss Army Knife. Various sizes and accessories are available.

You can get this slick little guy from It also comes in a airplane-safe "travel" version that has no blade.



Toy Vault's 50 year Anniversary Plush Godzilla

Young kidsOld Guysguys like us

click to check out our review Toy Vault never pulls any punches when they create a plush and they really pulled out all the stops for this Godzilla celebrating his 50th birthday (does that make you feel old?).

That's right, the original kaiju, Godzilla, hits the half century mark and the beast has never looked better. With scaly felt for his skin, fancy new fins on his back, light up red eyes, and sound effects, this guy is perfect for the Godzilla fan on your list. Trust us, they deserve the best and this plush is the nicest Godzilla available.

Run for your life, screaming, from our review and pics of Godzilla and Rodan. This beast will set you back $29.92, at has a variety of plush to fit anyone's budget.

hard to find

Toy Vault's Tim the Enchanter hat

Young kidsOld Guysguys like us

Click here For the Monty Python fan, nothing can top the Tim the Enchanter Hat from Toy Vault. This head gear is made of fine materials and feels great when worn. Not to mention how it looks. The enormous horns give you the feeling you truly are enchanted and ready to dish out sage advice, while the ear holes let you hear all the questions and guidance seekers clearly. This is a wonderful present for those who need to be aware of dangerous rabbits (it had big pointy teeth!), or those who are always looking for a great party hat. is the place to quench your Python needs with Tim's hat for $19.95 and many, many more fun things at various prices to suit your fancy.

who cares! may you look weird

Mattel's Slimecano


Click hereThe Slimecano is a three foot high volcano with a load of Hot Wheels' track going over, around, and through it. There is a launcher, a track for racing to a jump over a slime pit, a "garage", and do I need to mention the slime?

This slime is the classic Mattel slime, like from the Slime Pit, however they've added little black chunks of plastic to really simulate a lava flow. Pretty sweet.

Two warnings, though the slime trail is contained on the mountain pretty well, there are collection trays at the bottom ©2004 MillionairePlayboy.comthat do a good job... but it can get a bit messy to clean up. It also took some time to set up, however Mattel has provided animated assembly directions on the HotWheels site. I also recommend their animated demo if you're still not convinced.

You can find this puppy at all Toys R Us locations or from



Kaiju Big Battel Fashion

Young kids Teens guys like us ladies

Click here Whether you're stepping out for a night on the town, staying at home playing video games, or going to a friends to shoot some hoops; Kaiju T-shirts are key for looking great. There are many to choose from whether you support Cube's Posse, the Rogues (Chicken Noodle!), Heroes (Plantains), or you just want the general Danger Can Happen T. Plus, there's Girlie Ts for all the ladies out there (you are there, right?).

High quality shirts with solid designs that don't peel off make these great presents for the Kaiju fan in your life. And the person on your list who likes quirky shirts would dig the designs too.

The T's shown and more are available at's mall and at $15 a shirt, that's not a bad deal. Plus, right now the Kaiju Mall has Holiday specials; kickin'!

Aren't familiar with Kaiju Big Battel? Check out our coverage. Sweet!

Only to sticks-in-the-mud! may you look weird

Kaiju Original Art and Stocking Stuffers!

Teens guys like us

Click here If you're having trouble finding items for this year's stockings let us suggest Kaiju pins, stickers, real meat, rubble, or the brand new Plantain Pencil Pouch. There are TONS of different pins and nothing spiffs up your jean jacket better. Show your support for favorite monster! Represent!! So you think stickers haven't been cool since fourth grade? You're wrong! These are high quality stickers that are hand printed by Dr. Cube's very own minions (or the Commissioner's interns). Bags of real meat from fallen monsters (why eat meat if it's not real) and bags of Rubble from previous Battels make for some fun stuffers too. But the coolest thing in the Kaiju Mall for the holidays is the brand new Plantain Pencil Pouch (you can put other things in there too). These pouches were hand made by the same artist who makes clothes for punk rock groups such as the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, so you know they're quality. They sport a zipper on one side, and Pabloís face on one side with his brother Pedro on the opposite. These pouches are great.

Kaiju's mall has all this and more and with a price like $5 for some meat, $1 for a pin, and $10 for a Plantain Pouch; these make the greatest stocking stuffers of the season.

Click hereThe Kaiju Mall also has a few art prints, but the most eye catching is the newest by Vinny Arnone depicting one member of each of Kaiju's Factions. There are Kung Fu Chicken Noodle (Rogues), Uchu Chu (Team Spacebug—little hint: he's the best), Dr. Cube (the Posse), Referee Jingi (Humans), and the Plantain Twins (Heroes). These prints were limited to a run of 100 and bare a pull number verifying their art-worthiness. Nothing classes up a room like Kaiju and the Rising Sun.

All of these quality items can be found at the Kaiju's mall, you can also poke around and watch video clips on their site... or buy the DVD, Terebi Sento. (Also available at Best Buy)

Some of the prints are limited run may you look weird


Zobmondo's Would You Rather

small childrenteensguys like usolder peoplechicks

Read our review There's a new party game in our hands that seems to have universal appeal. Would You Rather poses great hard-to-decide questions to the group. Take turns as the leader who guesses what the group will vote on as the one answer and then read it aloud. You can also have lots of fun without the game board and just sit around reading questions. Great for road trips too.

Check out our review with more sample questions. We even have a forum in our message board to create and discuss your own.

We tried out the Sick & Disturbing version (PG-13), but there are multiple versions for more family-safe environments.

Instant crowd pleaser, get it for yourself, or the person who commonly hosts parties.

weird and gross

Cranium Games ($13-30)

small childrenteensguys like usolder peoplechicks

Check out at AmazonWe love Cranium and this year at Toy Fair the makers of Cranium presented a new game, Cranium Turbo. They took the original Cranium and streamlined the game board and the rules to be less confusing and more party-friendly. That and added around 800 new questions, and a handful of new activities. If you love Cranium, we recommend this upgrade. Also, if you love Cranium, but can't always round up 4 or more players, there's also Cranium Hoopla. Its the fun of Cranium, but the game play is re-worked for 2 or more players.

If you're stuck on what to get someone younger, you can't go wrong with either of these games.

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Hasbro's Heroscape

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Read our review If you want to buy a gift for somebody who is into role-playing games we recommend Heroscape. It uses a three dimensional board for an all out battle of Robots, Vikings, Futuristic Commando's, Ninja's, and Knights. This is a very unique role-playing game that is sure to please any role-playing fan.

Check out our review, you can pick it up from, but you might find it on sale at Toys R Us locations.



Top Gun on DVD
(Paramount Home Video)

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click to buy from Amazon.comLooking for a movie to watch that the ladies won't complain about? I know its hard to find a movie that won't get a response of Why are we watching this? or worse Can we watch Blue Crush? [Ed note: you're dead Lando!!]

No need to fear for Top Gun the Special Edition is now available on DVD on December 14th. The movie contains a lot of cool fighter plane action and a love story that the ladies can dig. Plus it stars Tom Cruise, which seems to get most women excited in which you can benefit.

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Knight Rider: Season 1 on DVD

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click to buy from Amazon.comOne of the greatest television series' ever finally came to DVD this year. The complete first season is beautifully remastered, and a fourth bonus disc has all kinds of bonus features, and the Knight Rider 2000 made-for-TV movie!

The best episode in my opinion is The Topaz Connection. A Hugh Hefner-type publisher is murdered, and it's up to Michael Knight to comfort (and score with) his daughter while trying to solve his murder. First off Bonnie, the hot mechanic, loads KITT up with every issue of the pornographic magazine. I considered all of your needs she says. Not only is she smokin', and great with engines, but she loves and appreciates porn. Sweet! There's an airplane chase, fist fights, high-daring stunts, and even a super-cliched Vegas montage. Michael and daughter laugh and point in front of a black screen while stock footage of roulette wheels and one-armed bandits is super-imposed on top. Classic!

Yeah, it's über-cheesy, but what a great watch.

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Dukes of Hazzard: Season 1 on DVD

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Click here to buy from Amazon.comJust the good ole boys... this DVD set is a lot of fun. Not too many extras, but each episode of the first season is lovingly preserved. You can read my extended review about why this is so sinfully delicious.

Like Knight Rider, it takes a special appetite to thoroughly enjoy Dukes for each of it's nuances.

Now only $20! on

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Dawn of the Dead (2004)

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click to buy from Amazon.comOne of Stinkhead's favorite flicks from this past year was the remake of Dawn of the Dead, yeah yeah, we know, it's not the original... well that's good. We think it's a great zombie flick with some sweet effects, some actual suspense, and a quickly moving story. The bonus features (especially the make-up tests) are pretty sweet too.

We also have to recommend the quick featurette about exploding head. Head-splitting sweet.

Check out our full review.

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Star Wars

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click to buy from Amazon.comDo we really need to say anything at all? Really?

Ok fine, you twisted my arm. Not only is the most anticipated DVD finally available, it has a bonus disc full of bonus features. Are you really telling me you don't have this, or that you know someone that doesn't have this? Well good grief friend, let's hop on it. Pip pip.

Yes, master.

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Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore
New Collectors Edition Box set

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click to buy from Amazon.comThe Sandler classics Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison have been re-released with blooper reels, deleted scenes, and Billy has a director's commentary. You know how good these movies are for "recovering" on Sunday afternoon.

Watching the bonus scenes were actually worth it. I hate how DVDs are obligated to contain extras, but then they completely crap out on what they give you. Here's a bit of advice. Never listen to a Mel Brooks commentary. I love the man, I love his work, but good Lord, it was one of the most annoying experiences of my life. Anyhoo, I loved the kick ball deleted scene from Billy, and some of the extras on Happy were entertaining as well. It's a great gift for a friend that just watches it at your place all the time.

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