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MPb's Holiday Gift Guide 2005
by the Staff

Last year's gift guide was all about gift ideas for every girl on your collective lists. From the hopeful hook-up to ever-faithful wife. If you're looking for some great girl gifts to give, check out that list as a basis.

This year we present the Guide to Stuff we Want to Buy For Ourselves after Returning the Crap We Got For Christmas. Maybe you have store credit, maybe your mind is so blown on rum laced egg nog and green and red M&Ms you can't think straight. Either way you need help. That's why you're here.

So load up those too-small-sweaters, those full screen DVDs, those books you'll never read, and gift cards to Wal-Mart (the nerve), and then prepare to live.

We'll put this list into natural categories, and use the helpful icon system we always use (but explained again below) just in case you're really behind.

Here is the symbol guide: (if you hover your mouse over the image later down the page, it'll explain what it means)

Gift is Appropriate For:

small children
Small children
guys like us
Guys like us
older people/ non collectors
Older folks and non-collectors
The Ladies

Be Warned, the Gifts may:

get you in trouble
Get you in trouble
be expensive
Be expensive
hard to find
Be hard to find
Not be touched (fragile)
look weird
Make you look weird

Bold links go to a web site in a new window, non-bold links go to a previous article or review

Presents for Guys Like Us

LEGO's Harry Potter Graveyard Duel   ($30)

small childrenguys like us

click for review and loads of picsAt the end of Goblet of Fire, Voldermort returns with the help of his father's bones, Wormtail's hand, and a drop of his enemy's blood, Harry Potter.

LEGO has produced a great set that focuses on this scene with the Graveyard Duel. This set is a must for Harry Potter fans as it comes with a number of mini-figures such as Voldermort, Wormtail, Harry, and the Death Eater Lucious Malfoy. Read our review here.

Though currently sold out online, The Graveyard Duel is : $30 at It has been spotted recently at toy stores however. Also check out all of their Harry Potter LEGO sets for sale.

a little expensiveperhaps hard to find

Master Replica's Star Wars Lightsaber ($100)

teens guys like us

What could be cooler than having a real lightsaber? Think about all the shit you could F up with one. Unfortunatley lightsabers don't exist (yet!). Master Replica's has produced the closest thing to a real lightsaber that we can get. The Force FX lightsabers do everything a saber can do except cause damage. They light up and make sounds exactly like they do in the Star Wars films.

Check out all of Master Replica's Lightsabers (including mini ones!) at

be expensive

Hasbro's Xevoz ($6-20)

children guys like us

click for review and loads of picsHasbro's Xevoz Wave 4

Rumors abound that Wave 4 has now hit Big Lots, of all places. Xevoz is one of Stinkhead's favorite toy lines in history. Sadly, they were cancelled this year, even though they were perfect for kids, collectors, customizers and casual toy fans alike. You can find Thunder Shaman and the Firedrake vs. Runeslayer two pack at at reasonable prices. Out of the entire line, those are two of the best sets you can get.

hard to find

Mattel's Hot Wheels Accelledrome ($6-20)

children guys like us

Ooooh sweet! This motorized Hot Wheels track is sweet! It's big, but it's self perpetuating. Here's what you do... you load a Hot Wheels Accelleracer car into the spring loaded launcher. Wait for the spinning base to line up with your alley. Shoot the car into the loop-de-loop (which is equipped with spinning wheels that keep your car looping the loop. Wait for that loop to line up with the central ramp and at the right moment, let 'er rip. If you're successful, the car will shoot up the ramp and launch the golden gyrosphere (which breaks apart!). It's all pretty easy to get the hang of, but mesmerizing at the same time. Perfect for little kids, and bigger kids. (but not teens so much). Check out our video clip! (240K)

click to see our video!

hard to find

Mattel's Batman Begins Transforming Gotham Playset ($50)

children guys like us

click here for more batman!This (pardon the pun) flippin' sweet Gotham City playset has a nice double feature. It starts off as a hefty Batman Begins Batmobile (with wheels that really roll*), that flips open to reveal a multi-tier Gotham city playset. Complete with electronic monorail train.

The nice thing is that it has some decent play value (I love the smash-away crates and water tower, where as some may like the zip line) but can also be used to display figures from the movie. There's also a nice platform where you can stick in two figures and manipulate a handle to make em fight.

In the long run, I would have rather had a Batcave playset, but when you think of it, there are a ton of Batcave playsets, so something new is nice.

Sold out on Amazon, I did find some links here

*What a world we live in where I need to point out that a model car has rolling wheels.

hard to findexpensive

How to Survive a Robot Uprising by Daniel H. Wilson ($10)

teensguys like us

buy from Amazon.comRead our review if you want to survive the coming rebellion of those built to serve us.

This is highly recommended if you plan to purchase the Pixel Chicks below.

Buy from


Pixel Chicks ($30)


buy from Amazon.comWhat to get the little chick on your list? We had the opportunity to test drive Mattel's new Pixel Chicks, and actually, it was kind of fun. Yeah, the little pixelated chick got "pissed" that I kept pressing Change Outfit and Take a Bath over and over, but what are you going to do? SHe's kind of like a digi-pet you have to feed and take care of, or else their attitude turns sour. If you connect more than one of these houses, they'll vist each other for topless pillow fights. I think. It's a cool little scene they have going on. It's kind of like Voyeur Dorm in a pocket version.

Buy from

A fine alternative to Bratz and other negative-body-image-inducing toys...expensive

Noble Collection's Harry Potter Wand

teensguys like us

click to visitFor those fans of Harry Potter the Noble Collection provides all of the Potter film replicas. The coolest items that Noble provides are the replica wands from the different wizards such as Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and the evil lord Voldermort.

Click here to check out Hermoine's wand.

expensivenot to be played with

MillionairePlayboy Shirts for Girls (Under $20)

(girl friends)

check out our storeCan I take your TOY out of the package?
Girls have always looked good in t-shirts, and their t-shirts always look good on our floor... but the now t-shirts are gaining a more wide-spread acceptability for being worn "out" to social events. Yeah, t-shirts have always been commonplace at cook-outs and casual shopping, but now they're hip enough to be chosen to be worn out to the clubs and trendy parties. We whole-heartedly recommend the shirts... not only are you advertising the site, but we get a couple bucks from every sale. Sweet!

$19 from CafePress

get you in trouble

For more gift ideas for girls check out our guide here

MARS-1 Observer ($38)


click for review

If you're like us at MillionairePlayboy, you just can't get enough of things with capsule helmets. We love them!! MARS-1 just really blew the lid off the joint with this, the Observer. Not only is it a finely crafted piece made to STRANGEcos high standards with MARS-1ís artistic flair, it's got a capsule helmet! That fact alone made this toy go from a 10 to at least a 12 on the chart. If you like Science Fiction, or the higher end of the Boutique Toy spectrum, you have to shoot over to Wootini and pick one of these up. They have three colorways!

hard to find certain colorwaysfor display mainlyexpensive

Booted Glamour Cat


click for review

Here we have a fine example of an extinct species that once roamed freely on the North American prairie. From the mind of Scott Musgrove comes the Booted Glamour Cat. This is a really stunning piece. The design is sharp, the paint is clean, and the grin is just entrancing. This piece, made by Wootini and STRANGEco is as finely made Designer Toy as you'll ever find. If you know someone who is into biology, this is the toy for them. The story on the back of the box will keep their interest all by itself. You can pick up this feline at Wootini. Choose from various colorways.

for display mainlymake you look weird only to squares!

Dero ($35-55)


click for review

By far the creepiest vinyl to come out this year, DERO are almost teddy bears but not quite. The grin is a dead giveaway these are the kind of vinyl you don't want to leave alone too long. You might not have much of a collection when you return! Seriously, these are some great vinyl toys from the mind of Jermaine Rogers and you should get them while you can. We can't believe they're still available at Wootini.

variant colorways hard to findmake you look weird but it's worth it!

I.W.G. Minis


click for review

So you need a great stocking stuffer that doesn't cost too much, but still is mighty cool. Look no further than the I.W.G. minis. These guys have all the detail and articulation of their big brothers plus they come with skull and crossbones accessories. Not only are they designed to make you smile, you can smile even bigger because a portion of all the proceeds from these toys goes to non-profit wildlife organizations. Happy Holidays all around. Shoot right to the source and scoop these up from Rocketworld's web site.


Mimoco Go Series Mimobots


click for review

Mimobots are a great idea whose time has come. These are flash drives that have a Designer Toy touch. They each have over 200 mb of storage, and look really cool. If you want to impress the co-workers, whip one of these out next time you need to upload that PowerPoint. You can pick up the new Go Series at Mimoco's website.

Sin City: Uncut, Extended, Unrated Two-Disc set ($25)

guys like us

buy from Amazon.comYeah, some of us are mad that a two-disc set of this amazing film came out so quickly after the single disc, nary-an-bonus-feature a few months ago. But that anger melts away when you see what you get with this new set:

  • Commentary by: Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
  • Commentary by: Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
  • Recut and extended theatrical release with over 20 minutes of additional footage— separated into four stories
  • Original theatrical release including:
    • All-new feature commentary with Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
    • All-new feature commentary with Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
    • An audio track featuring a recording of the Austin premiere audience reaction
  • 15-minute film school with Robert Rodriguez
  • The movie in high-speed green screen
  • The Long Take: 17 uninterrupted minutes of Tarantino's segment
  • Sin City Night at Antones—filmmakers, cast and crew party
  • 10-minute cooking school with Robert Rodriguez
  • Bloopers
  • Teaser & theatrical trailers
  • A Hard Top With a Decent Engine: The cars of Sin City
  • Making the Monsters: Special effects make-up
  • Trench Coats & Fishnets: The costumes of Sin City
  • Booze, Broads & Guns: The props of Sin City
  • How it Went Down: Convincing Frank Miller to make the film
  • Giving the Characters Life: Casting the film
  • Special guest director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Sin-Chroni-City interactive game
  • Complete Sin City Graphic Novel - The Hard Goodbye

You can buy this from

40 Year Old Virgin Unrated ($17)

guys like us

buy from Amazon.comThis was, collectively, one of our favorite movies of the year. Staring Steve Carrell as Andy the toy collector, it chronicles his trials and tribulations as he attempts to cross this established "rite of passage" into true maturity. However he is one of the more mature of his friends. Irony? No. Screwball comedy with some really, really funny dialogue? Yes.

Hell, read our review from the theatrical release.

People may equate toy collector with virgin...

All manner of Shocking Games

teensguys like usnon-collectors
click here for review

I have fallen in love with the shocking line of party games. It all started with Lightning Reaction, which led to the Shocking RC Tanks which led to the Shocking Laser Tag which led to the Shocking Lie Detector.

They're a lot of fun with people who think they've out grown toys, and they get even more interesting when you're drinking.

Check out to find these toys, and visit this page to see video of Mr. Stinkhead and Lovejoy shooting each other.


EA Games' Burnout Revenge (PS2/X-Box)($40)

teensguys like us

buy from Amazon.comStinkhead has never been a big video game guy, but after getting a used PS2 and a video projector, very few things on earth have compared to the excitement of hooking up a steering wheel controller and popping in this baby. Instead of racing the best you can, you rack up points with the more damage you dish out to other cars. You can multi-player, and you can earn newer cars and courses, but you really just jump in slamming as much traffic as possible. Sweet.

This game is perfect for experienced players, multi-player, and novices that just like crashing stuff. The graphics are unbelievable.

Buy from


Scene It's Harry Potter DVD Trivia Game ($36)

kidschicksteensguys like us

buy from Amazon.comStinkhead is not a very big Harry Potter fan, but still held his own when playing this game. Featuring video clips and still images from all four Harry Potter movies (Goblet of Fire not so much), this trivia game focuses on characters and events from the movies only. So if you haven't read the books, you can still play along.

The thing we like the most was that it stayed fresh. There were games where you re-arrange letters to guess the character's name, or you had to look at a distorted image and guess who it was. Tons of games and trivia kept this moving. The flexible board for short or long games is a nice touch.

I also appreciate that the Party mode does a better job of playing by itself.

Buy from, but I also found a deluxe version for $36 from Games For


Grateful Dead Filmore West 1969 ($32)

older folksguys like us

buy from Amazon.comIf you're a confirmed Dead Head, this three disc set will have a treasured spot in your collection. One of the best recordings of Dark Star sets this disc of a live concert above and beyond. If you're not a Dead Head, I don't think this is the disc to start with, but if you need something new in your Dead collection, this is a must have. Check out the samples and other reviews at

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