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Click here Booted Glamour Cat from Wootini and STRANGEco
by Jager

With the Booted Glamour Cat, Wootini and STRANGEco bring one of Scott Musgrove's "Late Fauna of Early North America" creatures to life. The Booted Glamour Cat, or Felis Glamourous Nigripes, is a very accurate three-dimensional depiction of the painting with the same title. From his Cheshire grin to curled tail, the extinct feline is a fantastic piece—blurring the line between sculpture and toy.

Click hereWhat makes the distinction so fuzzy is the amount of quality this piece carries. From the very start of taking the cat out of his box, you notice that the sculpt is very nice. The face is full of contours and wrinkles. There are bags under the eyes, tufts of fur in his ears, the nose is raised, and the teeth are totally sculpted. The mane is wild, but still retains the neatness of his two-dimensional counterpart. The body isn't just a smooth 'tube'. There is an exposed spine (showing the Cat's age) and contours are where the ribs should be and where the legs would move. All of these organic qualities are offset by the legs. They are straight cylinders with the now famous boots. The juxtapose of the two qualities really works together giving the creature a cartoon feel, reminding the viewer not to take this too seriously. The paint application is very well done too. The face and specifically the eyes are where it really stands out. Each eye has a spot surrounding it, but the spot fades to many smaller spots. Also, the eyes are two shades of blue, with a lighter blue acting as the pupil. It is all very clean painting with no smudges here or around the mane, tail markings, and lips. Finally, each gum is painted a reddish pink to match the nostrils. To add to the posing pleasure, the piece has one point of articulation: the neck.
Click here
I can see your soul
When I first opened my Booted Glamour Cat, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if the neck twisted?" but was too afraid to try. I gave it a little twist and heard a crack. Was that the vinyl's joint snapping loose, or is it breaking?! After staring at it off and on for about an hour I decided to give it another go. Thankfully, it is a joint! Whew Very nice touch, indeed. Now you can give your cat the tilted head, curious look that all cats have mastered. Of course all of this would mean nothing if the vinyl the piece was made out of was shabby. STRANGEco (and now Wootini) is known for its quality materials used so it's safe to assume that this piece would be no exception. The vinyl is solid: light, but sturdy. These are the basic details of the Natural Glamour Cat, and the sculpt is the same on the other colorways: Indigo (600 pieces), Spotted Indigo (300 pieces), Black and White (200 pieces), and Ultra Violet (100 pieces—it's worth noting that the first 50 were taken to SDCC and sold out.)

Click hereWootini was generous enough to send along a Black and White colorway, seeming to somehow know how attracted I was to it. As stated, this sculpt is just as quality as the Natural. And the paint along the eyes and face, while being black and gray tones, are equally as clean. But what really stands out is the Morning Glory Camouflage covering the beast's body! It is thought that this piece is made using a black and white photo for reference. This is truly wicked and by far my favorite variant.

Click hereThe box is something to behold as well. Being based on one of Musgrove's paintings and the fact that it was designed by the artist himself made this a tough one to open. But I'm nothing if not a toy opener...The box has three nice sized windows and seems worn like it was found in the bottom of a chest in your grandparent's attic. Also, the backdrop of the box is a landscape painting by Musgrove. The front of the box gives you the name, Latin root, and extinction date. All very nice touches. (The Booted Glamour Cat became extinct in 1855.) To round off the package, there is a not-so brief description of the Booted Glamour Cat and the idea behind current painting series: "Late Fauna of Early North America" written by Musgrove!

Click hereThis is Wootini's second Designer Toy (with Jermaine Roger's DERO being the first) and they are making quite a name for themselves. By accurately depicting hot artists' paintings and prints in vinyl they are letting the world know they are a company that stands for quality of design and the integrity of the artist. This toy (yeah, I still think it's a toy) is a great piece to add to your collection if you are a fan of Musgrove, interesting animals, or just plain ol' creepy things. I hope that this is a start to a series!!

Click hereNow you can win your very own ultra rare UV colorway of the Booted Glamour Cat thanks to our friends at Wootini!! The prize is in box and this version was limited to 100. Here's how to enter: You must create your own animal that is now extinct. Unlike the series by Musgrove, it's not limited to the continent of North America. You can write a description, draw a drawing, photoshop your pet, or all the above! Email your submission (one per person) to by August 25th with "Glamour Cat" in the subject. We'll post our favorites on our message board and announce the winner on the 29th. Good luck!!

Click hereScott Musgrove was gracious enough to let us interview him. You should be gracious enough to check it out.

Wootini is producing some great toys and sell even more than they produce! Check out their site, store, gallery coverage, and artist bio page. Whew!

STRANGEco continues to make high quality toys with hot artists. Check out their site for all the info on that, and some great news from the biz. has lots of info on the artist and a great online collection.

We've put all our Designer Toy coverage in one handy spot for your ease....No we're not calling you lazy!

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