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spacer Pressman's Gooey Louie
by Mr. Stinkhead

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Gooey LouieI love Gooey Louie. Made by Pressman Games in 1995, the game consists of a 10" high hard plastic head with a large nose. You take turns digging in his nostril to pull out large rubber boogers. Or as Pressman puts it gooeys. At some point some unlucky soul will pull the gooey attached to the release latch, the back of his head pops open and his brains go flying out! Simple, yet entertaining. Plus you don't need to explain the rules. Everyone knows how to pick a nose.

Click here!The plastic head has his face sculpted on both sides, and his single nostril is about one inch in diameter. If you have fat fingers you're at a slight disadvantage. The gooeys feel like three year old gummy worms. Like you find when you're folding down the back seats in your car to make room for some furniture your girlfriend bought.

Click here!This game was pretty hard to find. I started looking for him about two years ago. It took quite a bit of googling to find the right name, and then about six months of retarded looks from toy store employees to track him down. But alas he is mine now. The box is in such poor condition because I kept him in the back of my car to have available at a moment's notice. Board meeting in a stand still? Whip out the Gooey Louie! Jury at a dead-lock? Sway the vote with a friendly round of Gooey Louie. Funeral just a little too depressing? Yes, it is appropriate.

Click here!Let's talk game play. It's true, after multiple times of serious digging, you may be able to find the magic gooey that unleashes the brain. I call this the hard to find g-spot. Oh God, that analogy was just too hard to pass up. I'm sorry. Anyway, if you're playing with other experienced gold diggers, it will come down to a game of forcing the other person to draw that gooey.

Click here!So let's say you're the up part of the Ages 7 and up equasion. After all of the gooeys have been picked, you can line them up head to tail and see who has the longer line. The gooeys come in varying sizes! Yes, size does matter.

Oh No!

The brain itself is a little plastic sculp with a spring covered by a thin plastic sheath as the spinal column. It is a little startling when it first pops up, you have no idea what his distance is. When you're done, you open up the latch that I guess is the bridge of his nose and load the gooeys back in. If you're playing with a bunch of little kids, tell em this is how God does it every night. They'll freak.

To sweeten the deal even further, Pressman included a little Gooey Louie Squirt Gun. Push in the brain and water come squirting out his nose. Sweet! You think girls hate being squirted by squirt guns, wait till they see it came from a big nose.

You're pretty hard core if you made it this far in an article about a nose-picking game. Here is a scan of the back of the box, which is just truly classic. Check out the verbage they use to directly avoid saying booger It's a big file though.

Pressman just re-released Gooey Louie, but he's new, he's updated. MPb proudly presents Electronic TALKING Gooey Louie. Check it out. You can also win a TALKING Gooey Louie by signing up for our spam-free e-mail list. Join today!


Gooey Louie and his likeness are copyright Pressman. All images are copyrighted 2003 unless otherwise noted.

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