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Click here! Gray Matter
with jager

Tired of question and answer games that require you to remember all those facts you should have learned in high school? Are you more likely to know who the first guest star on Friends was than the capital of Wyoming? If so, Gray Matter is a game for you.

This is a turn based board game where the players try to work their way around the board by answering questions. The questions are a mixture of "school learned" topics and pop culture facts. This mixture makes for a more rounded game than the usual Man, I feel like an idiot! feeling you may have after more scholarly games. Also, each card (or category) has two questions with a teaser before each, so the answerer can choose which question they would prefer. To level the playing field even more, each question has four multiple choice answers, so even if you don't have a clue, you still have a chance. I liked this addition also because you can read the choices, or if you like, you can just ask the questions and make it more difficult.

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The questions are well rounded. They come in four categories: Odd Ball—where you choose the answer that doesn't belong, Hear Say—where the questions come from music, movies, and everyday sayings, Anything Goes—that are about anything and everything, and Reverse Logic—where the question clue could be the answer. These categories are the only thing I didn't like about the game. They don't really tell you what you're getting into because they aren't really categories, as much as they are styles. But having said that, the questions themselves are fine and while they are mostly pop culture references, they are mixed with typical trivia game fare. An added bonus is that each question has a factoid with it, sometimes it gives you a better understanding of the answer and sometimes it's just a random fact about the same topic.

Click here!What really set this game apart are the gamble spaces. Scattered throughout the board are spaces where you are given the opportunity to gamble extra moves. If you are right you will move forward that many more spaces, but if you're wrong... you get the idea. On some of the spaces wagering is optional and some aren't. Also, some give you the opportunity to bet up to a certain number while some have a set wager. It adds some extra spice to playing and increases the necessity for a little luck.

Overall, we really enjoyed playing this game. Like I said, the questions are varied and the gambling adds to the fun. The creators also had a great idea when they put the rules and category descriptions on the board. Now you don't have to flip through the directions if you don't remember something—it's right there in front of you. So if you're looking for a game that tests your knowledge of pop culture with a little general knowledge thrown in for flavor, you should check out Gray Matter.

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