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Click to see! Medicom Toy's Grand Theft Auto III Kubricks
by Mr. Stinkhead

GTA III revolutionized the video game industry. Rockstar Games brought a level of "street cred" to the medium that nothing else had come close in doing. Now the lead character, 8-Ball, Donald Love, Misty, and Salvatore Leone from this landmark game are immortalized in plastic brick figure format. Can you tell we're excited?

Click to see!The detail of these figures is top notch. Each figure clearly looks like its electronic counterpart, but it fits well with the Kubrick style of streamlined design. The paint and sculpt are neatly executed, and the accessories are a nice touch. The lead character comes with his bat, 8-Ball with the remote control, and Donal Love with a book.

Click to see!The packaging also gives this set major points. It looks handsome with original video-game packaging artwork, but lift up the flap and you can clearly see the figures inside. A good number of Kubrick series are released in blind packaging, so it's nice getting all the figures at once, and seeing the product you're getting. You can also remove the figures, display them a bit, and return them to their box with out damaging anything but a piece of tape.

Click to see!You can see I went a little nuts with the pictures. I picked up this 1:18 scale die-cast, pimped-out Chevy Impala at the QVC Outlet store in Delaware of all places. (I would have loved to see them pitch this one on air). However these guys look great sitting in any 1:18 scale vehicle. There are all kinds of different 1:18 scale vehicles you can pick up in the car aisle of your favorite toy retailer. If you dig the Vegas-styled craps table seen below, you can print out and assemble your own here.

Click to see!What I would change
I'm more than pleased with this set. I'm not used to the sculpted-on ears and bald head that 8-Ball has. I've been collecting Kubricks for many years, and used to the more streamlined sculpts. But it doesn't look bad. It's clearly a Kubrick figure, and it's clearly 8-Ball, so it's not a big problem.

Click to see!My favorite weapon from GTAIII was the police officer's shotgun. More on principle than effectiveness. While the main character comes with his trusty baseball bat, I would have loved to see him come with the shotgun (this picture uses a shotgun from the Kubrick Special Forces line). Again, it's not a deal breaker, but it would have garnered extra points. However, this set is boiling over with cool, so I'm really just being nit picky here.

Click to see!Overall
Just like how GTAIII was the game to introduce to people resistant to playing video games, this set of figures could very well be the the Kubrick set to break the camel's back of the resistant, yet potentially life-long, collector. Any fan of GTAIII will swoon over this puppy. I'm also excited to see if we get Vice City or San Andreas sets in the future...

Click to see!The Grand Theft Auto III Box Set debuted in a limited release at the 2005 San Diego Comicon and quickly sold out. It will be available at retail in September 2005.

Each box set is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and the suggested retail price is $40.00. Better hurry dude.

Distribution will be done through the Rockstar Warehouse and through Toy Tokyo for specialty boutiques.

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All photos and article ©2005 All characters are property Rockstar Games.

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