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Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection Max (BFG Max)
Fullaction figure series 01
Guyver III
by Guyver

Click to see!Hi everyone, I have to admit, right off the bat, that my review of this figure is somewhat biased. Being the huge Guyver fan that I am, I have always felt that there is no bad Guyver toy. Most of that view is because there has never really been a Guyver "toy". Sure, they have done hundreds of model kits from the anime and live action movies but never has there been a Guyver figure that you could play with along side your other figs.

Click to see!What? You have never heard of the Guyver?

Well, here is a brief storyline to give you a heads up.
The 3 Guyver units are stolen from the enigmatic Chronos Corporation in Japan. A high school student named Sho Fukamachi accidentally discovers Guyver Unit 1 and triggers the control metal. He becomes the Guyver and battles biomorphic Zoanoids controlled by Chronos. Risker, an agent of Chronos headquarters, unwittingly joins with the Guyver Unit 2. He abducts Sho and his friend Tetsuro in an attempt to locate the other missing units. Sho summons the Guyver and the two are thrust into a deadly battle for survival where Guyver unit 2 is destroyed. Commander Guou arrives from Chronos headquarters to lead the recovery of the last 2 Guyver Units. Meanwhile, Chronos Japan creates the Zoanoid "Zerbebuth" in a final desperate attempt to eliminate the Guyver. To bait the trap for Sho, Mizuky (Sho's girlfriend) is kidnapped and Sho once again must become the Guyver and face the challenge of Zerbebuth as well as the mysterious shadow, Guyver III.

Click to see!Now, Max Factory, the company that first introduced us to the Guyver Bio Fighter model kits, brings us a new Fullaction Figure. Why do they call it a "Fullaction" figure? It is because this 8" tall figure comes with 38 points of articulation, an "Action Stand" as well as interchangeable vibro blades and 3 sets of hands.

The creative use of the same swivel joints used in the Gundam model kits allows a wide range of positions and directions to move and pose this figure. Some of the added features you will find on the Guyver III are the glow in the dark long blades as well as the opening chest plates that expose the "MegaSmasher" weapons. The detail on the "MegaSmasher" is fantastic. It's a 4 part build, first you have the base chest cavity then there is a smaller clear ball with a spraying of bright green and yellow paint to give it that activated day glow look. On top of that is another clear bubble that contours to the rest of the chest and gives a natural shape. The final parts are the chest plates. Made of the same sturdy plastic as the rest of the figure and attached with a pin joint that allows them to lay flush with the body.

Click to see!The paint application is flawless. No bleed over of the black of the armor to the brownish body flesh. Even the silver of the control metal (Located in the head) and the Gravity control globe (the lil ball in the waist line) look perfect. There are even detailed paint applications on the face of Guyver III. The tiny silver balls near the mouth, even the green lazer weapon at the base of the head fin. The eyes are crazy, here we see the layers of this figure in its full glory. Both eyes are painted with a metallic pink with clear plastic lenses placed over each to give that spooky "Real feel" to them.

Now I want to talk about the hands. You are given 3 different sets of hands to help spice up those action poses. You have your standard fists as well as a set of grip posed hands and a set of splayed open hands. Each set is well sculpted and has a use. The open hands are perfect to pose Guyver 3 in the Gravity Cannon attack where the grip hands can be used to hold open the "MegaSmashers." That leaves the fists. Well, what good is a fighting figure if he can't just flat out punch someone?

Click to see!Now lets talk about the general look, like that odd 8 inch size. I was hoping the Guyver 3 was closer in scale to the Marvel Legends line but he towers over them by quite a bit. It's not a bad size. It works for the figure quite well and gives the tall lanky looks inspired by the anime. The articulation does not force sacrifice of the sculpt. As a matter of fact it is really hard to tell where all the joints on this guy are until you go to pose him and something moves that you were not expecting. A perfect example is the vibro blades. Each one can be moved back and forth to extend or somewhat retract them to your liking.

Click to see!One of the most overlooked parts of this figure is the stand. A sleak black base with a metal rod an sturdy "C" grip that fits snugly around the waist of Guyver 3 to help hold him in any pose you can come up with. The base itself has the Guyver name etched into it in Japanese with the same flair that fans expect to see.

Even the packaging is way above anything I have seen. It's a 3 part package that is perfect for the collector. A white trim package is the first part I will talk about. Covered in information on the figure as well as basic instructions for changing out the body parts. Sharp, clear graphics and texts in Japanese and English make you want to leave this bad boy right where he is, but it is a MUST to open him. What good is a toy if you are not going to play with it???

Click to see!The next stage to the packaging is the card that holds the base in place. It is decorated to look like a blasted section of wall and hides the stand perfectly in the box. It has 2 small cut outs that let you know the base is there but that is about it.

The next stage is perfect for those of us who hate the twist ties that seem to be infesting every toy line on the market.

Here, they use a simple 2 layer box that fits perfect around the Guyver III figure as well as holds his accessories in place. To get the toy out all you have to do is slide the two layers apart and remove the figure. You will want to be careful at this point not to get too excited. There is no tape holding the accessories in place so if you open it too fast they could go flying.

Click to see!The bad point
The price is steep. You will end up paying anywhere from $60 to $70 and that is before shipping. Seeing how this figure is not yet available on mass market in the states you can expect to pay a bit for overseas shipping as well. I personally think its worth the cost. You definately get what you pay for.

In closing, The New Max factory Guyver III is going to be the jewel in any Guyver fan's collection. Even if you are not a Guyver fan it will make a great addition to your collection of action heroes.

My rating of this figure???
I give it 4 out of 5 Guyver heads!
I only gave it 4 because I think they could come down on the price.

4 out of 5

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All photos and article © 2004 unless otherwise noted. All characters are property their original owners.

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