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SpacerClick meHallmark Ornaments
Written by Lando Da Pimp and BFFER
Photos by: Lando Da Pimp

I have never been a person who was big on Christmas ornaments. Most of them are always so boring, specifically ball ornaments; baby picture frame ornaments; and even those dumb ornaments you made for your parents in kindergarten. Even those they may have sentimental value, I always wanted something that would make a Christmas tree cool. Each year my mother purchased an ornament for my brothers and I for Christmas. Well the best ornaments I got were always from Hallmark. The 2003 pop-culture ornaments are now in Hallmark stores. If you want to get your Millionaire Playboy friend or loved one an ornament, why not get them an ornament that also resembles their favorite pop-culture icon? Besides they are cool!

Hallmark sent me four of the 2003 pop culture ornaments to check out along with images of other ones that are available. I sat down with my wife, BFFER (not her real name), and we both sat back and reviewed them separately:

Click meC3PO

BFFER: Star Wars' most famous protocol droid is seventh in a collectors' series, numbered and dated. The ornament is very highly detailed from the top of C-3PO's golden head to the dull pewter look of his right leg. And even if you don't have a tree to display him on, he stands very well and would be a very good addition to any Jedi's desk.

Lando: Being a Star Wars fan, it's hard to resist any kind of Star Wars ornament. C3PO has never been one of my favorite characters but the sculpt is excellent. Like BFFER stated, the ornament does stand on its own which is something you can't do with boring glass ball ornaments!

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Click meYoda

BFFER: Yoda isn't quite as detailed as some other Keepsake Ornaments, but the hair on Yoda's head is great and the steely look in his eye as he wields a lightsaber is definitely worth a closer look.

Lando: No one can disagree with the fact that the end of Attack of the Clones was awesome when we finally saw Yoda lay the smack down with his lightsaber. I love the stance that Hallmark molded him in. As BFFER stated, the details on the body are not that strong, but the facial features are truly excellent. Anybody who loves Star Wars needs this just for the look Yoda is giving before he is about to bitch slap Count Dooku.

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Click meJonathan Archer

BFFER: Jonathan Archer, captain of the Starship Enterprise NX-01, may lead his crew in space exploration, but this ornament doesn't lead my list of favorites. The paint job could be better, and the sculpt doesn't look much like Scott Bakula, the actor who plays Captain Archer. Yet it's still a great ornament for that Trekkie in your life.

Lando: I really like Star Trek: Enterprise. It's not as good as TNG or DS9, but it has had some great episodes. It's always hard to get a great resemblance of a live person. It may not look exactly like Scott Bakula but for the true Star Trek fan it's good enough. I like it. However if I had a choice between the Scott Bakula and T'Pol figure, I would go with T'Pol.

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Click meWinnie the Pooh

BFFER: Winnie the Pooh gives Piglet a boost in this Keepsake Ornament with a special lighted effect. Insert a tree light in the hole underneath the tree and the tree lights up. Nice effect. Nice ornament.

Lando: Let me stress something first. I hate Winnie the Pooh. I even hated Pooh as a kid. [Ed note: hee hee hee hee hee hee] I for one would not want somebody to get me this ornament. Think about this though. If you wanted to get the lady in your life an ornament for Christmas it's always cooler to get a pop-culture ornament than something boring. Even if it is Pooh! The ornaments sculpt is very nice and the fact that you can light up the ornament is a sweet touch.

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These are only four of the pop-culture ornaments that Hallmark sells. Below are a few of the other ornaments available. If I had to choose an ornament for myself I would choose the Padme ornament just because Natalie Portman is so hot. For BFFER, who is a huge Disney fan, I would get her the Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse. These and other ornaments are available at your local Hallmark store or at

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All characters and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All images are coyprighted or else otherwise noted and used with permission. This article is coypright 2003

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