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Milton Bradley / Hasbro

Review by Lando Da Pimp

This past February at Toy Fair we were shown the new role-playing game from Milton Bradley / Hasbro called Heroscape. I was immediately drawn to it for one reason, the game board. The few role-playing games I play either have no board or use a flat one-dimensional map. Heroscape not only uses a three-dimensional board but it is customizable so that every game you play can be different. The board is made up of a series of platforms of different colored lands. Using these platforms you are able to create level upon level for great game play. The inclusion of water platforms and building ruins create unique battlefields.

Click here!The game is the battle of all time. That is exactly what the game is about. Not only can you use modern day armies but you can also fight with knights, futuristic soldiers, and samurai's. The back-story of the game is about a man Thormun whose discovery of the magical wellsprings led him and his people of Valhalla to gain great powers. This power became the downfall of the Kyrie leading to civil war for the struggle of these wellsprings. When the Kyrie drank from these Wellsprings they would have great visions of heroes, warriors, and creatures from other worlds and times. The Kyrie devised ways to beckon them to Valhalla to fight for their side. Valhalla has now become a war torn and desolate ruin.

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The game guide includes a number of story scenarios but you can also customize your game play. Because this was the first time playing Heroscape, I played a basic scenario of all out war. Each scenario gives a maximum point value for your army. Based on that point value you choose your characters based on the Army Cards point values. The Army Cards give the characters move, range, attack, and defense numbers. These numbers provide the information you need to move, attack, and defend your army from your opponents. The basic initiative for the game is to destroy your opponents but you are capable of creating various story line scenarios.

Click here!Each round, a player is given three different turns. You can use these turns on three different characters or just the one. On a turn you have the opportunity to move your character within a limited number of spaces allowed. Some characters have the ability to climb up and down the different levels. When you are ready to attack an opponent the fighting is very similar to the game of Risk. Based on your attack level and your opponent's defense level, you each roll attack dice. A hit from the attacker is represented with a skull on the dice. The defenders roll for a shield. At the end of 10 rounds the game is over.

If you are interested in role-playing games you won't be disappointed with Heroscape. The different characters all are sculpted and have wonderful paint jobs that put Heroclix to shame. The best part of the game is the three-dimensional board, which can provide many different game scenarios. I wouldn't consider myself an expert on role-playing games but this is one of the most enjoyable role-playing games I have played.

You can find more information from the official site

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