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Click here Rocketworld's I.W.G. Babies
with jager

Well, it was bound to happen. You leave a large group of animals alone long enough and you're sure to end up with some babies on your hands. And that's just what the newest members of the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo are: babies! And in true animal activist fashion they are being brought up knowing how to bring the pain to unsuspecting, earth devouring humans. In all seriousness, or at least as serious this great toy line can be, Rocketworld has added new blood to the G.ruppo by making baby members to ensure the fight will be carried on for years to come.

Click hereThere are two basic sculpts to the line: a bear cub and a rhino cub... kitten...! But from that comes a great assortment consisting of 5 variant colorways of each animal. Pictured here are the original colorways for each and the Rocketworld exclusive bloody polar bear. We'll take a look at each in a bit, but let's look at the sweeping details of the line first. The most obvious difference between these and the already established line is the size. I know, I know, bare with me here. They are indeed smaller, but they are proportioned so well. They have large heads and feet while their arms and legs are short. Judging my own little tyke, this is pretty accurate! And comical. Paint applications are all very clean around the eyes and other details and while these have a mostly a flat solid colored body; it works well and totally makes sense. Each baby comes with a poking stick and two accessories to poke on it. First is an innocent marshmallow ready for a campout. The other is a bloody eye! Which is ironically, is also ready for a campout. The bear sports three points of articulation at the head and arms, while the rhino has four with the additional twist on the tail. The legs are rigid, but are needed for support with that big baby noggin.

Click hereGinga the baby rhino
Ginga is a cute lil' gal. She's an obvious relation of Affonso the rhino. I love her little nubbins that haven't quite grown into full fledged gore-tastic horns. Also, her nails are painted on very cleanly with a tight black outline around each. She is easily one of the cutest toys in my collection.

Click hereAres the baby grizzly bear
Ares has to be related to Titus. He's looks just like what the original I.W.G. would look like if you left him in the dryer too long. Although, this is a descendant of Titus version 2.0, with the longer snout and rounder head. Again everything is very clean in the paint application department.

Click hereNanook the baby bloody polar bear
This is quite an eye catching toy. On one hand, it's a super cute polar bear cub. On the other, he's covered in blood! The hand on his chest totally freaks some out with the smear going down like the oil driller reached for the cub with his dying breath. That's sick, and I love it. The blood...err paint is very neat and the splatters look great. Especially the hand. It looks almost real.

Click hereThere are also many great colorways available at certain retailers, like the cool cyborg rhino baby Adam available only at I love how Rocketworld rewards their faithful retailers with exclusive toys. The numbers aren't so low that you can't score the entire set if you're really hard core either. That's sweet. And that's not all! There are a limited number of blank bears and rhinos available only at Rocketworld's website! Take these to SDCC and have series creator Patrick do one up right!

Overall, these are some great toys and a really great addition to the I.W.G. ranks. They add a dimension to your collection with the matching babies standing in front of their older buds. I.W.G. lines have constantly sold out, so don't hesitate (Nanook is already gone - except below!).

Click hereHow would you like your very own Nanook the baby bloody polar bear? You would like one very much you say!? Well, thanks to Rocketworld, we're giving away one never-before opened Nanook. All you need to do to enter is email entry AT a message with Nanook in the subject line and answer this question in the body of the email: "Who directed, what can be called, the first documentary film that shares the name of this toy?" A winner will be chosen from those with the correct answer on January 21st! Good luck.

You can purchase the original baby I.W.G. members, Ginga and Ares directly from Rocketworld. Also, while you're there check out all the great info on the movement, and maybe download a cool free desktop!

We've put all our I.W.G. coverage together in a handy ready-for-coffee break page. Check it!

While you're at it, you should peep our Designer Toy page with all of our articles to date, on the toy-turned-art movement.

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