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Rocketworld's Burnum the Platypus and Candace the African Elephant
with Jager

Click hereThe newest recruits to the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo both increase the scope and size of their ranks. Burnum introduces a new land to the group by targeting the Australian landscape for reclaiming and Candace brings in some muscle with her sheer size. Both are great toys and excellent additions to the I.W.G. I believe they are the most interesting visually of the line and seriously, how can you not love a platypus?

Click hereBurnum
A few years ago, I was treated to a look through creator Otter X's sketch book. I stopped cold at a page full of I.W.G. hopefuls. At the bottom was a platypus looking up at me and I told Otter that was going to be super. Well, Burnum has made it out of the Outback and onto our shelves and looks every bit as good as I imagined. He's a little shorter than most of the G.ruppo; about Ocho's size. I love his squat body and smooth round head. The bill is great, complete with frontal shield. That's the actual name of the ridge where the bill attaches to the head. Fits perfectly with the I.W.G. mindset, doesn't it? He's a nice deep brown and stands very sturdy on his feet. He has 5 points of articulation (head, arms, and legs) which are tight and hold their pose well. His weapons of choice are a titanium boomerang, natch, and his poisonous claws on his heels. Both are a nice shiny silver. I like Burnum's design, but it's cool to think what he brings to the team. Now they have 3 members who can work in water and on land equally well.

Click hereCandace
Sasquatch and Yeti withstanding, Candace is the largest of the G.ruppo. And aside from Moly she has the most articulation too. But being second in two categories doesn't mean she's not on top of the list for visual interest. She has a great design with her ears, trunk, and tusks offsetting the spherical head. She has 7 points of articulation at the arms, legs, head, tail, and best of all trunk. The trunk is curved so that it can be twisted up for a trumpeting look or down for more casual observation of poachers. Her weapon of choice is a R.P.G. rocket launcher and if anyone is left alive in the poacher camp she gores them with her titanium capped tusks! Gnarly. The R.P.G. is sweet because the rocket actually comes out of the launcher. She is a little shaky on her feet since she is so top heavy, but if you angle her legs right or stick her arms out to balance her she's pretty sturdy.

Click hereOverall, these are great additions to the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo or if they're your first toys of the series they look great alone too! In fact, Burnum lives in our bookshelf without the other G.ruppo members. He just looks at home there. Both toys are made of high quality vinyl and the paint applications are tight. So whether you love animals or just think it's hilarious to have an African elephant with a rocket launcher, check these guys out.

Rocketworld is really picking things up this year. Can you say, vespa? It's worth your time to check out their web site and it's a synch to pick up these two I.W.G. members right from the source!

We've put all our I.W.G. coverage together for all you animal lovers out there.

Click has exclusive rights to the limited pink colorway of Candace! Review coming very soon!

If you're bored at work (who isn't?) take a look at our Designer Toy coverage.

Check out Rocketworld's website for news on the I.W.G. including a just added bio page of Series 4!!

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