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Click hereRocketworld and STRANGEco's I.W.G. minis
with Jager

The I.nsurgent W.ilderness G.ruppo is back and this time they plan to clue your mini-figures in to the importance of respecting the earth. That's right; Rocketworld and STRANGEco have produced the entire I.W.G. line (all nine characters) in miniature size. Now you can carry around your favorite member of the G.ruppo in your pocket or set him on your desk as a constant reminder that you can recycle that soda can. It's hard to ignore a gorilla with a grenade, even if it is 3 inches tall.

Click hereAll the details from the original, full sized line are here. Every point of articulation (even all 16 of Moly the mutated cephalopod's!) is present in the mini-figures. Otter X (the artist behind the line) shrunk the very same molds of the full sized line down and used them. They average around 3 inches (just a bit bigger than your Dunnys). The paint apps are very clean, and these aren't rotocast (hollow), they are solid vinyl. This makes them much sturdier and ready for some action. Each I.W.G. member comes with the same weapon they are known for and to really ice the cake, there is a skull and a couple bones in each package. The skull is distinct for each character with a bullet hole, cut, or smash that coincides with the type of wound their weapon would make on someone's melon. Each of the nine has a reason to like it, so let's take a look.

Click hereTitus the Grizzly Bear
Titus is the founder of the I.W.G. and because of that you gotta give the bear some respect. The simplicity of his face is wonderful with one tooth and asymmetrical eyes. He comes with a sniper rifle and a skull with a bullet hole right between the eyes. Nice shot!

Click hereAffonso the White Rhino
Affonso is many people's favorite and it's no wonder. The design is great with both eyes being on one side of his head and a big muzzle shooting out to the side. He comes with an AK-47 and his skull has a line of bullet holes proving he knows how to use his automatic weapon.

Click hereHannibal the Mountain Gorilla
Hannibal is my personal favorite. He just looks so great with that bandolier! His bottom lip protrudes out and he has a tooth sticking out, just to add to the toughness...or is it cuteness of his look. He comes with a grenade and a skull that's been blasted!

Click hereOdysseus the Sea Otter
Odysseus has a nice look that's set off with clear micro filament whiskers. That's nice detail. He comes with a spear gun and a skull that's been slashed by the spear. Careful if you throw your beer bottle overboard!

Click hereOcho
We still don't know what Ocho is, but the animated short on leads to us believe he is an alien of some sort. Anyway, his best feature is his hair. It's all mussed up nicely. He comes with an axe so you know he likes to get personal, and a skull with a chop mark in it. Ouch!

Click hereMoly the mutated Cephalopod
This gal has a great amount of articulation—mini, vinyl, or otherwise—she sports 16 points with each tentacle moving. You may remember that the full scale toy was made of a squishy vinyl to be more octopus like. Well that didn't transfer to the mini figure, but she still is a fine toy. She comes with a mallet, monkey wrench, and a skull that's been mashed by the mallet.

Click hereAstrid the Jaguar
Astrid has the best paint apps of the line. The spots on her coat are very well done. It's amazing how clean they are on such a small figure. The skull on her back is there, just like the full size version and looks great. She comes with a .45 cal automatic pistol and a skull with a bullet hole... in the rear!! That's one sneaky cat!

Click hereDesmond the Dolphin
Desmond is the simplest in design of the line, but still a very charming toy. I think that people have some sort of draw to dolphins because even though it's so simple, I really like him. He comes with a mine and a skull with a large gapping hole.

Click hereIrra the Burrowing Owl
Irra is a great toy. Seriously, you put an owl sitting on top of a cruise missile on your desk and see how many reactions you get from your co-workers. I'm willing to bet a good many. I love the expression that is able to come through on such a simply designed face. She comes with the mentioned cruise missile, and while if one of those hit you your head would probably be blasted off, she comes with a skull... with a nasty hole in both sides.

Click hereThese toys were produced in what's known as an open edition. That means you shouldn't have any trouble finding these guys. Some people complain that this hurts the Designer Toy market, but I think that this is really great. Sure it's great to have a limited toy, but in the mini market I say keep 'em coming! To ensure that it's possible to get your favorite without buying the whole set (which isn't a bad idea anyway), these are not blind boxed. Each package has a buyer friendly window display so you can see who you're buying. Rocketworld likes to help. Speaking of help, don't forget that a portion of the proceeds of every I.W.G. toy goes to wilderness foundations that help save wild animals and their habitat. So this is a toy that you can feel good about buying...does that make it a tax write off? hmmmm...

Click hereI really like the I.W.G. line, and it's a well known fact in the toy community that if you want to make something cuter, make it smaller. That said, these are the cutest animals to pack heat I've ever seen. If you're looking for a great stocking stuffer (they'll retail around 8 bucks) or if you need something to put your uppity Mini-Mates in their place the I.W.G. minis fit the bill.

If you'd like to check out full bio on each of the I.W.G., check out Rocketworld's web site. There's also a shopping section and an outdoors gadget section called Tad Gear that's owned by the same guy, Otter X. Nice stuff all around.

Click hereOnce again, STRANGEco had a hand in producing some fine vinyl. Check out their site for info on their products as well as a pretty sweet news feed on general toy news. Plus, right now Ron English as some art up for your viewing pleasure. (I love The Descension of Christ!!)

If you'd like to buy these guys, they should be available in a week or so at Wootini or you can buy them directly from Rocketworld's web site.

Check out our coverage of the I.W.G. full sized line on this handy page. Speaking of handy pages, here's our handy dandy Designer Toy page with all our coverage of this movement.

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