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Rocketworld's I.W.G. Combat Mod Squad
with jager

Click hereIf you know anything about the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo you know that they take their cause seriously. It's no secret that they fight hard to take back their lands, trees, waterways, and save fellow animals in the wild. But sadly, this just isn't enough. Our cities are filled with gas guzzling, pollution spitting SUVs and the I.W.G. has decided to take the fight to the streets! Enter the Combat Mod Squad. Riding their tricked out Vespa scooters they're taking aim at Hummers and other pollution spitters with no remorse!

There are two treats with Rocketworld's newest release. First off, there is a Vespa scooter built to scale with the I.W.G. animals. But not only that, each of the two Squads comes with a new and improved version of Titus or Affonso. First, let's examine the scooter. Roketworld went to great lengths to make this look almost exactly like a real Vespa. The one sided axel on the front wheel, the motor and kick start, even a speedometer and clear plastic headlight. They added their own touch with the company logo on the front which denotes its rank in the I.W.G. If you see one of these parked outside a bistro, don't touch it man. You think the Hell's Angels are serious about their motorcycles, you haven't seen anything! Like I said earlier, it's made to scale with the I.W.G. figures and so the seat to handlebar distance is perfect for the arm length of the included figure. And how about that figure?

Click hereYou have two choices when picking up your Combat Mod Squad. You can get Titus or Affonso. Here we have Affonso the rhino. There are a few improvements over the first version that are worth mentioning. The most obvious is the leg joints. Affonso is able to get into a sitting position so he can tear around the streets on his Vespa. Also, the hands are retooled so he can hold the handle bars without any problems. This takes away his ability to hold his gun, but the included AK-47 has a shoulder strap and you're going to want to display him on the scooter anyway. Speaking of his hands, the nails are painted on instead of molded. Don't know if that's really a bad thing or not, but it's worth noting. Aesthetically, there are two big changes. One is his chest. He has a more barrel chest this time around and I think that helps with his stability, which was an issue with v 1.0. In other words, the chest counterweights the big head. Speaking of the head, Affonso's features were tweaked ever so slightly to better represent the original drawings of the character. His eyes are a little bigger, ears a little pointier, and his horns a little thicker. I really liked the first Affonso, but this one really does have a little more personality.

Click hereThe quality of the set is top notch. The paint applications are clean and the vinyl is a high quality in Affonso. The scooter is made from a different more fragile plastic (like the rocket ship) but this gives it a nice shine that is more realistic. I love the juxtaposition of a cartoony rhino on such a realistic scooter. This set is a great addition to the I.W.G. ranks, and if you're a Vespa fanatic (I know you're out there!), this is a great toy for display. And as always, a portion of the proceeds goes to nonprofit animal organizations, so this is the toy you can feel good about buying!

Check out Rocketworld's site for all the info you need on the I.W.G. Also, this is a great place to buy some toys directly from the source!

We've put all our I.W.G coverage together for all you animal lovers out there.

And if you're into Designer Toys, like I think you are you should check out our page with all our articles on the subject.

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