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I.W.G. Rocket from Rocket World and STRANGEco
by Jager

Click hereThe I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo is taking their mission to free the world's wildlife to a new level with their fleet of Rocket Ships taking off next month. Yes, now the freedom fighters have hit the stratosphere thanks to technology granted them from the Astral Overseers. Now that they are able to blast into outer space and get a close up look at the hole in the ozone layer or a broad view of the deforestation in the rain forest things could get a little ugly... Thanks in no small part to the lasers on the ship’s wings! The Rocket Ships are built to scale with the mini-figures, and have the quality in design and execution you’ve come expect from a toy made by Rocket World and STRANGEco.

Click hereStanding at 17 inches, this is quite a stunning toy and is sure to catch people's eye. The design has a great retro feel with the large body, fins on bottom, and the bubble cockpit window. The main hatch opens to reveal a great cockpit interior. There are buttons, pads to soften the landing, a steering wheel that turns, and storage to stow away your skulls, bones, and weapons (the mini Desmond almost fits in there). But the coolest feature of the cockpit is the working red LED light in the ceiling. This gives a great, ominous glow to the cockpit and pilot both when the door is open and through the window when closed. To turn it on you twist the antennae on the top of the rocket. And to prove that designer Otter X thinks of everything, it has a replaceable battery. The hatch flips all the way open and reveals a ladder for the pilot to climb up and into the cockpit. Also, it's important to note the door snaps closed and stays there very snuggly which is important because who wants to be sucked out into space?! Back to the exterior, there are three fins that support the rocket very well and keep it sturdy. They extend beyond the thruster (Which fires eco friendly emissions and runs on refuse.). This gives it a nice look since there is an interesting negative space below the toy. The paint applications are very tight without any runs or smudges. Even the checker pattern around the hull is almost perfectly clean and matches up where the hatch closes. The back of the ship sports a nice large I.W.G. logo, again very cleanly applied. The plastic used is a thinner material than that used for most vinyl toys. I don't believe it's even vinyl technically. This works well to give the rocket it’s needed thin walls and I don't mean to imply it will break easily. But I wouldn't drop it. Overall, it's a very well made toy and looks great with the I.W.G. line as well as mixed into a science fiction fan's collection.

Click hereThere are three colorways offered and each one comes with a mini-figure (or two!). The Eco-Green (shown) comes with a mini Taharka and is limited to 450 pieces. The Classic Galactic Silver comes with a mini Huey and is also limited to 450 pieces. The cream of the crop as far as collectibility is the Covert Black ship with BOTH mini figures and is limited to 100 pieces. The mini-figure is super sweet in all black “covert mode”. Taharka is cast in black vinyl and has cleanly painted eyes, ears, and silver horns. I don't think I mentioned this when I reviewed the mini I.W.G.s, and if I did it's worth mentioning again. The large rhino, Affonso, has trouble holding his AK-47. They retooled the arm on the mini and he holds it much more snuggly. He comes with a skull that’s been riddled with bullets and two bones of a poacher no doubt. The addition of an exclusive mini-figure definitely sweetens the pot on these Rocket Ships.

Click hereThe packaging also has a retro style to it, being a big solid box with no windows and some awesome graphics of a stylized space scene on the front. The side has a brief story of the rocket and the back is plain. It reminds me of the old metal toys my grandma had in her attic.

If you couldn't tell, I really dig this rocket. Not only is the design great, the execution is really superb. I love there are different colorways, but not so many you’re flooded with Rocket Ships if you’re a completist. Plus it's fun to think that somewhere out is space is a rhinoceros honing his laser on you while you toss your candy bar wrapper out your car window. Maybe you’d think twice if that were true! Like all Rocket World products, a portion of the sales will go to non-profit wildlife group, so this is a toy you can feel good about.

Don't miss the Rocket World launch party Friday, March 8th.

Click hereRocket World is really turning up the heat in 2007. Shoot over to their site for info on upcoming projects and a look at what's already come. They also have all the Rocket Ship colorways available for purchase!

STRANGEco is always cranking out some of the hottest Western vinyl and I'm always jumping at the chance to see it. You should jump over to their site and see what's going down.

If you're reading this article you must be into Designer Toys or maybe you're just starting out. Either way you should check out our page full of our Designer Toy articles. We've also put all our I.W.G. coverage together for easy reading.

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