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Rocketworld I.W.G. series 3: Sasquatch and Yeti
with Jager

Click hereTowering over the members of the I.surgents W.ilderness G.ruppo, stand their newest members: the Sasquatch and Yeti. After meeting online, these two fall in love and decide to join the fray; eager to reclaim the land that has been taken from them by loggers and encroaching strip malls. Both stand over 8 inches tall and for added pleasure Rocketworld went the extra mile and had these toys flocked. I've been drooling like an animal while anxiously awaiting the Sasquatch in particular and coupled with the Yeti; they are a great addition to the I.W.G. ranks.

Both the Sasquatch and the Yeti are made from the same mold with a few altercations. But before we start talking about differences, let's take a look at their similarities. Of course the Sasquatch has big feet, but I didn't realize that a Yeti would. It makes perfect since however, since these big pads act as snowshoes. Both have clean paint apps on the face, and the flocking application has a smooth cut around the face, wrists, and ankles. However, when I twisted my Sasquatch's arms the flocking rubbed off in the arm pit. This was disappointing. But other than that, the quality is nice with the flocking throughout both pieces being smooth and thick. You can raise and lower the arms of both insurgents and twist the wrists so the love birds can hold hands. I love how both have a protruding tooth from the bottom lip, and it would be remiss of me not to mention the always present asymmetry that I love so much in the I.W.G. It's a simple detail, but having one eye larger than the other really sets the faces of these off in a way that would seem bland if they were the same size. Plus, it really makes them look a little crazy....In a good way.

Click hereThe Sasquatch is definitely my favorite of the two. I have an affinity for Bigfeet and it's always great to get a new monster. The rich brown flocking used is great and his skin color is a bit darker than his girlfriend's. While he has blue eyes, the Yeti has green and he also sports a soul clip which is flocked. This is a style that not everyone can pull off, but he does it with ease. The flocking on the Yeti is a crisp white. This is a toy that needs to be behind glass to keep the girly's fur clean. Both have a visible belly button, but the Yeti is scandalously showing off her pink nipples! Yes, it's true the I.W.G. is definitely a free willed group.

Click hereWhat would an uprising be without the proper weapons? It wouldn't get very far, trust me. Formerly, Ocho held the distinction of wielding the gnarliest weapon with his axe. But both these members outdo him. The Yeti is sleek and quick with her Kuri Kuri knife. Seal poachers and unruly Inuits better take to high ground! For long range attacks, she comes with three snow balls which fit into her hands snugly. That's pretty serious, but the grizzliest weapon of the entire G.ruppo belongs to the Sasquatch. This guy isn't fooling around swinging his chainsaw at loggers, unless maybe they select cut and replant. This is a hefty tool that is too heavy for many of the smaller members to hold.

As stated, I've been waiting with baited breath for this cute couple and I'm glad that Rocketworld kept going back to the factory and making sure they looked just right. It was worth the wait to have the biggest members of the I.W.G. look so good in their flocking.

Check out Rocketworld's website for news on the I.W.G. including a just added bio page of Series 4!!

You can pick these both up at And if you're in the mood for something a little more Eastern, they have that too.

Check out our coverage of the I.W.G. line on this handy page. Speaking of handy pages, here's our handy dandy Designer Toy page with all our coverage of this movement.

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