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Click hereRocketworld's Makutu the yellow-eyed penguin and Oishi the snow monkey
with Jager

If someone says that the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo isn’t an active force in the fight for animal rights, they haven’t been paying attention.  The faction has stretched their tentacles out to pick up the fight in all the earth’s climates.  Rocketworld has had added some much needed troops to pick up the slack in the earth’s Polar Regions.  Up until now, Yeti had everything covered in snow under her surveillance and honestly, it was just too much.  To help with the push to drive back oilers, poachers, and other money grabbing humans Makutu the yellow-eyed penguin and Oishi the snow monkey have stepped up to the plate.

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Both toys have the distinctive style that we’ve come to recognize as Rocketworld’s and it fits these two animals just great.  The asymmetrical size of the eyes as well as the subtle difference to the toys’ arms (wings) adds to the strength of design.  Both figures sport five points of articulation (arms, legs, and head) and of course they come with a weapon fitting to their species, but more on that in a bit.  The paint applications are very tight on both toys with no bleeds or thin spots present.  The largest shift to this series of the I.W.G. is the attempt to have the animals be more in scale to each other.  It’s true the members of the G.ruppo have all been varying in size but these two add a new dimension to this notion.  Overall the quality is great on these and the personality to them really shines.  Now, let’s take a look at the highlights of each new recruit individually.

Click hereOishi
This snow monkey will cut you twice before you know what happened.  With his katana blade and being trained in both samurai and ninja skills equally he can take you head on or from the shadows.  The blade on the sword is painted a nice shiny silver and really shines in the light.  If Oishi is feeling frisky he’s been known to hammer poachers with rock filled snowballs just to add humiliation to the fight.  The snowball fits very snugly in his left hand.  I love Oishi’s facial expression.  With the raised eyebrow over one eye he seems to be sizing you up before his attack.

Click hereMakutu
The yellow-eyed penguin is sadly dwindled down to around 1500 breeding couples in the world.  It’s no wonder then that Makutu has taken up the fight to save not only wildlife in general, but to save her very species.  She plays for keeps and to prove this her weapon of choice is a freaking torpedo strapped to her back!  The torpedo fits tightly in her belt (which also fits snugly around her waist).  Also, the propeller on the explosive spins which is a nice touch.  Makutu has a look on her face like she’s a bit lost, but don’t let that fool you, she knows the score!

These two editions to the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo are the first toys of series 4 and usher in the new series with style.  Up next is Candace the elephant and Burnum the duck-billed platypus (which I can’t WAIT to see).  But these two stand strong in their own right and are worthy of the I.W.G. banner!

Rocketworld is really picking things up this year.  Just wait and see what’s coming!  It’s worth your time to check out their website and it’s a synch to pick up these two I.W.G. members right from the source!

We’ve put all our Rocketworld coverage together for all you animal lovers out there. 

If you’re bored at work (who isn’t?) take a look at our Designer Toy coverage.  It’ll pass the time much better than doing those nasty taxes.  And you’ll be in a better mood afterwards! 

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Article ©2007 All characters are property their original owners.

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