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Click here!spacer Toy Vault's Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth Slippers
by Jager

Every Valentine's Day we scour the market for something for you, our dear readers, to give to a loved one. It can't be too cheesy, but at the same time we're not looking down the aisle with the WWE figures. Usually, we settle on a plush of some nature. But around here we don't stop the show for any ol' teddy bear with a t-shirt. No, it's really gotta be special.

Click here!This year, we've found something that combines two things that most ladies like: soft cuddly bunnies and warm feet. Not only that, but it has the fun factor of not just being bunnies, but Rabbits with Big Pointy Teeth!! That's right; Toy Vault is continuing its "clothing line" with the Rabbits with Big Pointy Teeth slippers.

Click here!Instead of making an accurate depiction of a movie prop, like with Tim the Enchanter's Hat, Toy Vault has taken the cute factor and shot it through the roof. All the details are here that are in the plush Rabbit with Pointy Teeth from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There are different textures used for different surfaces of the rabbit. The teeth are a different fabric than the mouth, which is a different fabric than the tongue, which is a different fabric than the nose, which is a different... you get the idea. Toy Vault takes their plush seriously and these slippers are no different. The mouth of each slipper opens to expose its huge, nasty chompers. The bottom of the mouth has a hole to allow it's fangs to slide into place. This lets the mouth close completely, giving you the chance to surprise your loved one with a bite on the toe! Okay, the quality is great, but how do they feel?

Click here!The inside of the slippers is nice and soft. The soles are padded with about an inch of cushion. This wouldn't let you jump around a bunch, but you'd be able to walk around the house in total comfort. Plus, they have non stick beads on the bottoms so you won't slide across the kitchen floor when your pop tarts are ready. The only thing wrong with them is that my Sasquatch feet were too large for them. I'd say they are more for a men's size 11 and down. But that's no problem, because we're recommending you snatch these up for your lovely lady and her perfect petite feet.

Click here!As always, Toy Vault has impressed me with their attention to detail and high production quality. Now they've added to the list comfort! Seriously, these slippers are just hilarious and would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift not just because they say how much you care, but because they say it with style.

Now, to spread the love this Valentine's Day, we're giving a pair of these away. Interested? Check this link to our message board with all the details.

You can get these slippers and lots of other cool plush (Python and otherwise) at Toy Vault's Toy Club.

Check out all of our coverage of Designer Plush and Toys. Also, be sure to bookmark our Toy Fair 2005 coverage to see what Toy Vault has planned for 2005! Coverage begins Feb 20th.

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