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spacer Click hereJagun Fighters

Players: 2
Age: 4 and up
Playing Time: 5 to 10 Minutes (Basic rules)
Publisher: Bandai
Price: $3.99-9.99
Rating: 6.5 of 10

Review by Brutilus

Jagun Fighters is a collectible dice game where 2 players try to defeat each others Stone Fighters in one-on-one duels. All of the dice represent characters in the Jagun Fighters universe. There are 35 characters that have been initially released and there will be booster sets available soon.

This is a very simple and fast game, but not a lot of strategy is involved. It is a simple war of attrition. There will be more advanced rules released soon, but the basic rule set is a little too simple to maintain the interest of anyone over the age of 10 for very long. Hopefully the advanced rules will take care of this.

Click meThe game is currently available in starter sets of 5 character blister packs (3 stone fighters & 2 spell casters) and are packaged with a collector's card, a basic rulebook, and half a playing area. Booster packs are going to be released soon as will advanced rulebooks. The new materials will be available around the holiday season.

Each of the characters is molded and painted. They are very well made and attractive. The tough rubber used in the construction is a nice change from the cheap plastic used in many of today's games and toys.

The stone fighters are very portable. You can easily fit an entire set into a child's pocket. The game is quick enough that kids could play several games while waiting in line to see a movie.

The included playing field is a fairly heavy glossy stock of paper with areas designated to be the battlefield, graveyard, stone fighter reserves, and spell casters waiting area. With any luck, they will release either an actual board or whole playing fields connected and laminated like they had for their demos at Otakon. According to Bandai's marketing firm, if the game is received well enough, deluxe accessories will be made available.

Click hereBefore any of your fighters may enter the battle, they must be activated by rolling them. Depending on their orientation upon landing, all of your fighters can be activated, individual fighters may be activated, individual fighters can be allowed to defend only, or a stone fighter may be left inactive and thus defenseless.

Play proceeds with each player declaring whether they want to attack or attempt to activate any inactive or defending only fighters. If they attack, they declare which of their opponents fighters they are attacking and both fighters are moved into the battle area. Only if a defending player loses, does their fighter get moved to the graveyard.

Click hereWhen the attacking or defending player comes up with a special eye, they are permitted to use one of their spell casters to supplement their roll.

There are also 6.5" figures available for sale to supplement your gameplay. The spinning eye in their chests are used in the 10-on-10 game variant to be released soon.

There is a series of 3" collectible figures that are going to be available soon, as well.

Overall, I am very excited about this line. The reason it got such a low mark from me is its current lack of depth in gameplay. I do see this system being easy to grow with and the attractiveness of the pieces definitely adds to the collectibility of the line. The upcoming advanced gameplay and additional figures should make this a real market contender, but it will be a few months before it comes into its own.

Jagun Fighters are coming soon to a Diamond Comics distributor near you.

Images and article © 2003

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