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spacer Dark Horse's Jimbo by Gary Panter
with Jager

Click here!Dark Horse's newest vinyl toy brings Gary Panter's galoot, Jimbo, to life. Jimbo was originally seen in Slash magazine in the late 70's and became a very influential comic to many cartoonist you love, like Matt Groening. You may know Panter best from his work on Pee Wee's Playhouse where he designed the sets for the show. But Jimbo is his first and some say best work, and now he is realized in true three dimensional glory.

Click here!This post-nuclear adventurer has some far out times and this toy is equally as far out. The sculpt on the big guy is very close to the sketches from Panter. How do I know this? Because the toy comes with a sweet 'zine that features a few Jimbo comics and a pretty in depth look at Panter's sketches at various points in development, smarty pants. The most delicate cuts are his toe and finger nails. But the craziest sculpting detail is that his pupils sink into his eye! Pretty wild. His face has a definite Cro-Magnon look to it with his sunken eyes and huge eyebrows. His mouth looks like his clenching his teeth in anticipation. Also, the hair on top is sculpted for a nice texture. Whether you appreciate the color palette or not, the paint applications are what makes this toy stand out. The base is pink with a blue-green sprayed on both sides. Also, there is a darker pink spray going down the middle of his face and chest. These sprays are offset by the tight, crisp edges in the eyes and on his tattoos. Wish the spray was misted a little more so the line wasn't so defined between the blue and pink, but it still has a fade to it. He stands on a base that looks like cracked concrete which really adds to the stability to the toy. Also, it's a really sweet touch that his clothes are real cloth. I usually don't go for that, but with this toy I dig it. The tank has a crazy dragon like tiger face and his loin cloth covers his privates nicely. That's right he has a tally whacker. But if you want to see, you'll have to buy the toy yourself (or win our contest). This is a family site.

Click here!Overall, while this is a very bold toy and may not suit everyone's taste; the quality of its production is top notch. The vinyl is solid and the 3-D rendition is spot on to Panter's designs. The added bonus of the comic in the package really adds to the toy's interest, and having an addition size of 750, he's a great collector piece. Jimbo is a really fine made toy, and is sure to stand out in any collection.

Click here!B>WIN!
How would you like to add Jimbo to your very own collection! He can rock out with your MAD*Ls!! All you have to do is shoot an email with Jimbo in the subject and we'll pick a random winner on January 18th! Easy peasy!

Dark Horse's web site is full of information on their upcoming projects (both comic and toy and collectible). Also, there is a great database with images of every toy they've made so far.

Also, Gary Panter's site is totally rockin'.

Just for you we've put all our Designer Toy Coverage together for easy reading. Enjoy, my friend.

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