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MOTU Jitsu
By Guyver

click hereStep one: Gather all the parts you plan on using. For Jitsu I used the bodies of 4 different toys.

  • He-Man
  • Undertaker
  • Zeus
  • The general from Planet of the Apes*.

Toys R Us may actually pay you to take this figure home

click here Step two: Clean all areas that will be attached on each part. Use Sculpey to fill any gaps you may find. I did this for the neck and knee caps on this one. Here I have attached the arms, shoulder pads and head. Make sure at this stage you do not glue any parts to the still soft sculpey. We will go over boiling the figure a little later in the steps.

click hereStep three: Now attach the legs and any extra detail parts. In this case, I added a loin cloth, a chest plate, and tested to see if the sword I wanted to use, fit. Notice that at this point our Jitsu looks a lot like Wayne Newton with bandages on his knees.

click here
back view

click hereStep four: Well this is step four for Jitsu. Your step four may be something totally different. This is where we add his mystic battle glove. This is made from a plastic skull and more sculpey. The small gray round part you see at the top is a makeshift thumb. It was made by attaching 2 small plastic shoulder pads from a Warhammer 40k mini. After it was all put together I dropped the fist and the finished body of Jitsu into a pot of boiling water for 25 seconds. (Use tongs to get it out) This will set the Sculpey. Let it dry before attaching the glove to the arm. Once the glue dries, add any other little tweaks you like. I cut part of the Ape man's helmet and used it for accent on the belt.

click hereStep five: Prime your figure with whatever base coat you choose. I use black because it adds extra shadow to any paint job. After your base coat has dried paint your custom to your choosing. I personally use Delta Creamcoat acrylic paints. Don't forget, it is the detail in your painting that will bring it to life. Make sure your custom is dry and then coat with a flat finish. This will keep your paint from chipping off. Your final product will be easy to display at this point.

click here

Note the scar added to Jitsu's face for effect.

If you follow these few easy steps and use your imagination you can not go wrong.

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Article © 2003 All Images © 2003 The Guyver unless otherwise noted.

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