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Joy Ride Studios' Halo Action Figure and Mechwarrior Legionnaire
by R Hunter

Click for largerBoth properties seems a natural for toy lines, and we see just how Joyride Studios faired. Also stay tuned as we will be featuring more and more of Joyride's super cool action figures!

Click for largerMaster Chief from Halo—I must admit I've only played X-Box's Halo once...can I still hang out here? It seemed cool enough but I only played the multiplayer battle and I'll take N64 Goldeneye any day for first person-shooters.

This toy however, knocked my boots off. What a great figure. For a company that isn't on the forefront of larger action figures like ToyBiz, Mattel, Art Asylum, they sure threw together a decent challenger.

Click for largerArticulation
While some may prefer super-articulation I'll take just enough sensible points of movement to give my figure a few different poses. And that is were this figure shines! Master Chief has ball jointed shoulders and enough everywhere else to let him hold his guns in all the great positions. He feels solid and there is no fear he will break after a few rounds of Greco-roman wrestling from my Big Blast Hellboy. Two slight notes: He could've used ball jointed hips and the knee swivels get a little loose.

Click for largerSculpt:
Beautiful job! There is a lot of detail and intricacies in the armor. Geeks may not notice how big this thing is until they see it in person. It's closer to 9 inches tall so it towers over Special Forces and looks menacing against Marvel Legends.

Paint Apps:
I think the tiny specks of gold in the green armor is a nice touch and reminds me of all the Goldschlagger I used to swear by in High School. Ahh the power of Schnapps. The gold reflective helmet piece is probably what sells this figure for me, with it providing a extra chance to juuoosh my hair while I am preparing for that big date.

Click for largerPlay Value:
You will not be disappointed at this purchase. With three different guns and a solid construction he is ready to put the hurt on anything except for women and children and Care Bears. I am also looking forward to the alternate color versions of Chief that are in the works now...not to mention mini-figures.

Recommended Scenarios:
Within moments of being out of the package, Chief mopped the floor with my Blue and Grey Mattel Batman (con exclusive). With his futuristic look you have to use the cliche Time-traveler-out-of-water shtick but throw in a Monica Belluci love triangle sub-plot and it works itself out. Also you can pretend Master Chief is Ashton Kutcher then use the Armageddon Bruce Willis figure from Mattel to beat him senseless for punking Demi.

Click for largerMechWarrior: Legionnaire–Heavy Metal for real

Tough call. The leg articulation is amazing but the range of motion seems to suffer without a ball and socket joint. Of course I don't suppose you need your arms too much when you have a massive gattling gun strapped to your head. It does have both finger and thumb articulation so it gets points for that. It's by no means a statue, but still has a limited amount of poses it can perform.

Click for largerSculpt:
METAL! Hooray! This thing is a great throw back to the Transformers of yester-year. Even by picking up the packages you get a sense for how massive this thing is. All the robot pieces look nice enough and are polite as to say please and thank you.

Click for largerPaint:
A clean enough job, although I almost want it to be more weathered and battle damaged. It's hard to believe a fighting machine this size is in such pristine condition.

Play Value:
Lots of fun to be had. You can totally put him in a pillow case and use that to teach the new bitch on the cell-block a lesson. [Ed note: Why not use this time to drop our resident inmate a line? He likes getting letters.]

Click for largerRecommended Scenarios:
This adds a little variety to your Gundam army. Have the Legionnaire acts as a long range gunner (ala 008th team's finale) and provide cover for it while a MS-Gouf stalks it's slow moving prey. Also contrive a trite sitcom with Legie acting as a talking pet for the uptight account Master Chief, coming soon to the WB.

Click for largerCheck out Joy Ride Studios' official web site.

All names and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All photos are copyrighted 2003 and may not be reproduced without permission. Have you tried asking?

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