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Spacer Kaiju's Brooklyn Double Danger
by guest writer IamSancho

Friday November 21st marked the third time Kaiju Big Battel batteled at the Warsaw. This also marked the second consecutive battel at the Warsaw; which was part of the Brooklyn Double Danger event. Also this battel has to be one of, if not the most shocking battels in Kaiju Big Battel history. With more twists and turns then an amusement park roller coaster, everyone in attendance was completely blown away by what Kaiju Big Battel had in store for the fans.

About the Warsaw
I showed up literally 2 minutes before the Battel started, and knowing this, I made a mad dash to get as close as possible. The Warsaw is an extremely nice looking venue, big enough to provide a choice viewing spot, yet small enough to provide an intimate battel experience for everyone. The only problem I had with the venue is you wouldn't know it was a concert venue at first glance (we had to drive by it twice before I remembered where the Warsaw was located).

Match 1: American Beetle Vs Call Me Kevin
This match started out as any normal match, American Beetle and Call me Kevin trading blow for blow. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the new Rogue Vegitius stormed into the ring and proceeded to layith the smackdownith on Call Me Kevin. It was at this time that American Beetle limped out of the ring, and left Kevin to fend off the giant newcomer. But Vegitius' sheer power and size quickly allowed him to secure the win.

Before the next match could get underway, a giant ear wrenching sound was heard. Suddenly the curtain was drawn back to reveal a captured Slo Feng, an insane Dr. Cube, and a sharp rotating sawblade (if you can't put 2 and 2 together, Slo Feng was about to have his head cut off by Dr. Cube). Right at the last moment a new Hero, named Neo Teppin came to Slo Fengs' aid, rescuing him and taking him out of the hands of the Posse.

Match 2: Dusto Bunny Vs Napalean
Seeing how this matchup is between a Hero and a Posse member, one can't expect anything to go fairly, and they definitely did not. Dusto was announced first, and he seemed to be in top physical fighting condition. Napalean on the other hand, fell down onto the floor seconds after her name was announced. When Jingi told Cube he had to pick someone to fight the battel, he did his first semi-brave move by stepping forward and fighting Dusto. But apparently Cube bit off more then he could chew, and Dusto began to level Cube. But suddenly Cube began to wave a white flag. Was Cube finally admitting defeat? No, he was just buying time for SDS-1 to climb to the top of the cage and jump onto Dusto, securing the win for the Posse.

Fan Fun time with Los Plantanos and Chikako:
Whoever thought this Fan Fun Time would actually go off without a hitch must be insane. Chikako made her way into the ring, shamelessly flaunting the Kaiju Hand Bag and the Girlie Hoodie, and introduced Silver Potato and Los Plantanos. At this time Louden and Jingi left the ring so Silver Potato could enjoy himself, but as soon as the music started, the Spud was doing anything but having a good time. Hell Monkey, Maurtambo, and a new Super Minion 96 rushed the ring and beat down Potato. Los Plantanos managed to fight off Hell Monkey, but left Super Minion 96 and Maurtambo to have their way with the spud. By the time the song was over, Potato, who barely managed to get back into his wheelchair, was visibly hurt.

After the Fun Time was over, we were brought up to date with the condition of Slo Feng and the new Neo Teppin. A video clip was shown of Slo and Neo fighting off an army of minions at what appeared to be an alleyway behind the Warsaw. An army of minions took down Slo, who was in a wakened state. Neo Teppin on the other hand was able to keep them in check. Just when the Minions seemed to be destroyed, a nearby Dumpster swung open and out jumped Gomi-Man! Realizing he is not in top physical condition to fight, Slo raises his arm to the sky and summons his mighty Thor hammer.

Match 3: Slo Feng Vs Gomi-Man
Soon after Slo Feng was rescued the match began. Gomi-man made his way into the ring first and then, with his mighty hammer in hand, followed Slo Feng. What followed was a typical Gomi-Man beat down, but the tides slightly changed when Gomi-Man's slime was brought into play. But this was only a diversion for Slo Feng, who quickly took out Gomi-Man, and possibly put an end to the rivalry between the two.

Match Four: Kung Fu Chicken Noodle Vs Hell Monkey
The final match-up was complete chaos from start to finish. Every rule that is made was broken, and this is a classic example of the tagline Danger Can Happen! Hell Monkey was brought to the ring first, and seemed somewhat nervous yet excited to fight Soup. Suddenly Soup was called to the ring, and out from behind the curtain jumps...Unibouzu! In his hands is a knocked-out-cold Soup, and we see Uni beating him to a pulp. When Soup is completely unconscious, Uni makes his way into the ring to fight the match. Jingi had trouble containing Uni and Monkey, and was more than happy to slap the ring to get the match underway. The match was nothing short of brutal. Fighting styles ranged from a Brooklyn street fight to all out chaos. After an anvil slam off the top of the Danger Cage, Unibouzu pinned Hell monkey for what looked like a certain victory, but suddenly Super Minion 96 came back and helped Hell Monkey. Both combatants climbed to the top of the Danger Cage, and both combatants fell off the Danger Cage leaving a giant hole in the floor. Hell Monkey was the first to climb out of the rubble, pinning an unconscious Unibouzu and winning the match, keeping the Kaiju title in the hands of the cheating posse for another battel.

At the end of the night the Posse secured another victory, Dusto lost, and the title remains in the hands of the Posse. There is hope for the heroes however, because Neo Teppin shows much promise. One can only hope that the next battel will have more uplifting victories for the heroes.

Thanks to MM and JJ for the info and pictures.

read all of our collected Kaiju KoverageHere you can see all of our Kaiju Big Battel coverage in one spot. Including our interviews with Dr. Cube, coverage of Philly Factory Fighto, and the DVD Premiere Party. You can pick up Kaiju's DVD Terebi Sento from Kaiju's mall. is a very informative and fun site.

Kaiju Big Battel and all characters and likenesses appearing within are © 2001-2003 Studio Kaiju LLC. This article and all images are © 2003

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