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SpacerClick here Kaiju Invades Brooklyn
by Jager and IamSancho

This Nov 20th and 21st, Kaiju Big Battel will be duking it out at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY for Brooklyn Double Danger. Since the last Battel, many questions weigh on the minds of fans. Will Silver Potato recover from such a terrible beating? Will Slo Feng escape his captors in time for his match? Can a message board hold such heated debate? Can anyone stop the maniacal Dr. Cube? These questions and more will be answered at the two night extravaganza: Brooklyn Double Danger.

Jager and IamSancho share their thoughts on the upcoming battels. Be sure to check back soon for coverage of the fight.

Click hereBattel 1: American Beetle Vs. Call-Me-Kevin

Jager: As we all know, American Beetle has a serious mad on for Call-Me-Kevin due to his attack on Mung Wun and her still un-hatched egg. Revenge for this heinous act will give the could-be father the power to put Kevin down for the count. Not to mention the unparalleled Patriotic Power held within the citizens of New York!

IamSancho: I am a big Hero faction fan; however I feel that Call-Me-Kevin outweighs Beetle in many factors. Kevin is stronger than Beetle, faster than Beetle, and probably looks better in spandex than Beetle. However, seeing that this is not a mere match where the winner gets an inflated ego, this match is based on fatherly pride. So I predict Beetle will put on the best fight of his life, but in the long run Kevin will come out the victor.

Click HereBattel 2: Dusto Bunny Vs. Napalean

IamSancho: Dusto Bunny has been around the Kaiju Big Battel arena for ages. His strength is unprecedented, his brainpower without rival, his speed, unmatched and most importantly he shares the Heroes desire for revenge. Seeing Dusto make short work of Gomi-Man at Philly Factory Fighto answered all my Dusto-doubting questions, and there is no reason the hopping horror should not make an ice-cream of Napalean.

Jager: I agree. Mostly. This battel will end with Dusto standing in the winner's circle, but this will not be an easy victory. Napalean is the largest of all Kaiju and quite often has to be challenged by at least two heroes working together. Much coffee will be needed to curb the effects of the beast's sleeping spray, but ultimately Dusto's determination and training will pull him through.

Click hereMusical Tribute to Silver Potato hosted by Los Plantanos

Lots of fun to be had by all Hero fans as Los Plantanos hosts a Silver Potato tribute featuring J-Pop sensation, Chikako. Come help Hero Silver Potato get better! That is, if you want him to. Contest and prizes for all! [Ed note: The Silver Spud still has some recovering to do, I spanked his ass when he was carried out of the ring. Boy-eee!]

Click hereBattel 3: Slo Feng Vs Gomi-man

Jager: When something is in the hands of Dr. Cube it is changed. For better or for worse depends on your view point. Slo-Feng is learning of this transformation right now. The Viking will claw his way to the battel just as all hope is lost, but he will have been changed. This hindrance will lead to his downfall. The toxic waste will be flying as Gomi-mansecures a win for Dr. Cube's Posse.

Click hereIamSancho: Slo Feng is an unstoppable giant, and nothing will stop him, not even the evil Dr. Cube. There is no doubt in my mind Slo Feng will escape the grasp of the evil Doctor in time to come to Brooklyn Double Danger and save the day, not to mention destroy Gomi-man. However, I think that some handicap will be put on to Slo Feng by Dr. Cube, taking away most of his power. Who knows, maybe Dr. Cube gave him a haircut!

Click hereBattel 4: Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Vs. Hell Monkey

IamSancho: Note: The following statement does not represent that of a Posse fan. It mereley represents the opinion of a dedicated Hero fan seeking revenge.

When Kaiju did their first show at the Warsaw last year, all in attendance saw Soup murder the biggest hero ever, and that is none other than Club Sandwich. Ever since then, fans have been mourning the great loss, but even with Soup's defeat at the hands of Robox at the following NYC battel, fans still wanted to see Soup suffer. And the only way this will happen is Soup being beaten by Hell Monkey. To top it all off, rumors suggest that Unibouzu may run into the ring and aid the putrid primate in his victory.

Click HereJager: The Killer Can has his eye on the prize and nothing will stop him from wearing the Kaiju Championship belt (even if that means lengthening the waist size). A sobered up, well rested Hell Monkey may believe he's ready for the Five Fingered Chowder Fist; but nothing can prepare one for such a move. Even if the fool hearty Unibouzu disrupts the battel, who's to say that he will help Monkey? It is possible that this once sea urchin may give the needed aid to defeat the sure-to-come Super Minions, but once it's down to a fair match, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle will be the new Kaiju Champion.

The Battel will be preceded by music from The Lot Six, who hopes to get off the stage before getting eaten.

Tickets are available on,, or at the door that night. But it's sure to sell out, so get there early.

read all of our collected Kaiju KoverageHere you can see all of our Kaiju Big Battel coverage in one spot. Including our interviews with Dr. Cube, coverage of Philly Factory Fighto, and the DVD Premiere Party.

Can't make it to Brooklyn this weekend? You can pick up Kaiju's new DVD Terebi Sento from Kaiju's mall. is a very informative and fun site.

Kaiju Big Battel and all characters and likenesses appearing within are © 2001-2003 Studio Kaiju LLC. This article and all images are © 2003

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