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Click here Kid Robot's Kid Bomber #5
by Jager

With the release of the newest edition to the kidrobot family, El Robo Loco, being released this Thursday (¡Cinco de Mayo!); let's take a moment and look back at the graffiti artist of the group: the kidbomber. It's true that kidrobot is best known for their stores in the finer cities around the US, and their ever growing online mall, but they produce toys as well. Their mascot was rightfully chosen to be produced and it was such a hit they have continued altering the mold seven times now. Kidbomber is number five.

Click hereFor the kidbomber, the original sculpt was repainted in a great black outfit with green accents. The most notable addition to the little guy is the removable gas mask. But we'll get to that. First let's talk sculpt and paint apps. This toy is a perfect representation of the 2-D mascot for kidrobot we've all grown to love. The head has a nice shape with the upper lip curling out a bit. The teeth are staggered so he has a bit of an under bite. This really adds to the mischievous feel of him. Also, the eyes are recessed. Something that wasn't needed, but really adds to the finished quality of the piece. He has a bit of a belly, and his pants sag just enough. Not so much that you think he needs a belt (even though he has one), just enough to give him some flavor. The bottoms of his shoes have an excellent tread to them with "kidrobot" molded into the right sole. The vinyl on the head and arms is a really nice shiny silver, and even though the actual vinyl on the hands and head are a different stiffness, they match perfectly in color. The eyes and teeth are painted on in a nice even fashion. They are both crisp. In fact every part of this toy is crisp. This is just a real clean toy. Even though he splattered orange paint down himself on his last tag. The splatters are really sweet. You can tell that they were pain-stakingly applied and I'd say it was worth it. They look really great. The artist could have actually splattered paint onto the toy, but it wouldn't have had the same feel as these splatters. There is a deliberate placing and size to them. Like the other toys in the line, kidbomber sports six points of articulation: head, waist, shoulders, and wrists. Not the most articulation, but enough to get some nice poses. The waist really helps in getting some nice positions.

Click hereThe toy also comes with the aforementioned gasmask. This is what really sets the toy off! Not only does it serve as being a great role model for all the graffiti artists out there (don't huff your stuff!); it adds a new dimension to the toy. He looks so great with it on. Also, he comes with a marker (it doesn't write) with removable cap. I have to admit I was disappointed it didn't come with a spray paint can. To top it off, there's a road sign that sports the guy's name. This completes the package so you have a bit of a play set in the making.

This is a great vinyl toy and one that would look great in your collection. If you think that the idea of this toy is to advertise the excellent store kidrobot, you're right! But not entirely. This is a very clean, nicely made Designer Toy. has some great vinyls (made both by them and other big names). You should check out their stuff.

If this wet your whistle, be sure to take a look at our Designer Toy coverage.

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