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Click meThe Christmas Tree - Part II
By Lando Da Pimp

After setting the train around the tree, I focused on decorating the tree. I contacted Hallmark about the 2004 Pop-Culture ornaments. I have a large selection of these ornaments and was excited to see what was released this year.

Star Wars
Star Wars is my favorite film franchise. Most of the ornaments that I own are Star Wars ornaments. New this year are:

Click meChewbacca with C3PO
Hallmark continues to release the Star Wars character ornaments. The Chewbacca ornament is sculpted from the scene at the end of Empire Strikes Back as he escapes from Cloud City with C3PO on his back. What is most impressive with the ornament is that the net holding 3PO is a cloth net and not plastic.
Check out the Wookie ornament on

Click meEpisode II Anakin
Anakin is sculpted in a lightsaber-slashing pose. This is one of the best facial sculpts that I have seen on an ornament. With Episode III released next year, I would love to suggest an ornament made with a maskless Darth Vader.
Here is the Anakin ornament on

Click meStar Destroyer & Tantavive 5
My favorite Star Wars ornament this year is the Star Destroyer with Princess Leia's blockade runner. Portraying the memorable opening of Episode IV, this is a great sculpt of the Star Destroyer. The Blockade runner is attached to the bottom of the Star Destroyer showing the size difference between the ships. When attached to tree the ornament plays C3PO and R2D2's opening conversation from the film, as well as it lights up.
Check out the Star Destroyer ornament.

Click meA New Hope One Sheet Poster
The final Star Wars ornament is the backlit Episode IV poster. With the release of the original trilogy on DVD, Hallmark released the great Episode IV movie poster as an relief ornament. The A clasp in the back holds a tree light providing the glow of Luke's lightsaber. The backdrop of Vader is flat while Luke, Leia, C3PO, and R2D2 are a three dimensional relief.
Here's the listing for the Star Wars Poster ornament

Star Trek

Click meCity on the Edge of Forever
Based on my favorite episode of Star Trek The Original Series, City on the Edge of Forever, is possibly the best Star Trek ornament to date. In the episode, an accidental drug overdose sends Dr. McCoy running through a time portal changing the course of Earth's history. Kirk and Spock pursue McCoy into the past to fix the timeline. While searching, Kirk falls in love with a social worker whose death plays a pivotal role in future events. Because of this, Kirk must allow the woman he loves to die as to not disrupt the course of events.

Click meThe ornament depicts Kirk and Spock jumping out of the time portal back from the past. Voice and light effects work when the ornament is connected to the tree lights. The sound effect features the voice of the Guardian.

Other Star Trek ornaments available are Insignias ornaments, Vulcan Command Ship and a character ornament of Commander Trip Tucker from Enterprise.
Star Trek ornaments on

Popular Characters

Click meFrodo Baggins
This year Hallmark releases the first ornament from the Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins. The ornaments sculpt portrays Frodo standing cautiously gripping Sting (his sword). The ornament is in hobbit scale in comparison to the size of most other character ornaments.
View the listing for Frodo.

Click meBatman
Hallmark has issued another ornament of everybody's favorite Dark Knight. The cape is cloth and when the Batman emblem is pulled, the arms lower and raise revealing Batman's cape. The functionality is a nice touch with a great sculpt.
Here is the Batman ornament on

Click meG.I.JOE
Hallmark continues its GI JOE Christmas ornaments with the replica of the original Adventure Team Helicopter from 1971. There was no JOE ornament last year, so it's a nice surprise that they are continuing the line. This was the first ornament that required some assembly. The rotor blades must be inserted into the rotor ontop of the helicopter. The blades do spin by hand, but do not by the button that was on the original toy. Underneath, the hook and line are attached, giving it that extra attention to detail.
Joe Helicopter on

Click meJack Skellington
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite films. When the movie was released it was not given the attention it deserved. It's a brilliant stop animation film, and I am so happy that it has finally been embraced. My favorite ornament for this year is the Jack Skellington ornament. It's a fantastic sculpt and even includes his dog Zero. The ornament is sold out on the web, but you still may be able to find it in stores.
Jack Skellington's listing on

I decorated the rest of the tree with my other pop-culture ornaments, thus completing my toy collector tree. It's beautiful, with no boring ornaments to be found. If you want to get a toy collector an ornament this year, be sure to buy them a pop-culture ornament. These are only a small selection of the pop-culture ornaments that Hallmark sells. Other ornaments of Looney Tunes, Curious George, and The Polar Express are available at your local Hallmark store or at

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  Article and all images ©2004

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