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LEGO Batman
Catwoman Pursuit #7779
By Mr. Stinkhead

Last week Lando reviewed the new LEGO Batmobile (set #7781 Two-Face's Escape) and he loved it. I am not a LEGO maniac, I am a playmophile. Hmmm, crap. I just said that out loud. Ok, I'm a playmoholic, and typically skip the LEGO aisle at Toys ' Us. But I do love Batman, so I cannot deny my attraction to these sets. I was generally curious about Lando's LEGO Batmobile, and then he surprised me with this dragster chasing Catwoman. Ok, I ripped open the little baggies with my teeth and dove in.

Click for largerThe Dragster
I had no problem putting together this dragster. It was a quick build, so I didn't get frustrated with it. I do have experience building kits like this (I was all over Art Asylum's C3 sets) but if it doesn't start looking like something quick enough, I get restless. I like how it looks like it's clearly Batman appropriate when built, and the spinning axel in front makes it fun to zoom around the coffee table. There's a small dome on the bottom that also helps.

I like how smoothly the pieces spin around. One point on quality; the tires on Catwoman's motorcycle spin beautifully. I was just noticing on some other building block set, what a mega disappointment it was that the tires didn't spin very well. If you were pushing it along the floor, sure, they'd turn, but there's something that can be said about one firm finger flick making that puppy hum as it spins for several minutes. Actually, that is the thing that can be said about spinning a tiny tire. Not much else can be said on the subject.

Click for largerCatwoman's Motorcycle
Besides the sweet tire engineering, her motocycle went together quickly, mainly because it consists of two major pieces. Some people complain when LEGO makes pieces that are too specific to a set and remove elements of the construction. Honestly, for this kit, I like it. (Like playmobil, it goes together quickly with little room for error, and it looks nice). If you want 20 bricks to build a motorcycle, go nuts, but I'm happy with this.

Click for largerMinifigures
I like how they pulled off the Batman and Catwoman in LEGO format. I am stubborn, and I still love the C3 Batman as far as best Batman minifigure goes. But if we disregard that, this Batman and Catwoman look great, especially factoring in that they have removeable masks. That's not an easy feat, but LEGO pulled it off. Nice. If you notice in the next picture, the minifigure from the Batmobile set closely resembles the 1989 movie Batman. It's nice that they're switching up the Batmen a bit per kit.

Click for largerIf you're a Batman fan, and just casually thinking of this LEGO line, this is definately the set to start with. It's cheap and easy enough to put together, that you can really get a feel for LEGO, and Batman LEGOs specifically before buying the larger Batmobile (or coming soon) Batcave! You can pick up this set from Amazon right now.

Visit the official web site on And be sure to visit the rest of our LEGO and Batman coverage.

You can also check out what else we saw from LEGO at Toy Fair.

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