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Click meLEGO's 7243 Construction Set
by Lando da Pimp

Once in a while its fun for me to build LEGO sets that are not Movie themed related. LEGO World City Construction Set 7243 is a very enjoyable working set. Three different construction machinery are included in the set: dump truck, crane, and conveyor / grinder.

Click meThe crane is the highlight of the set. Turning the crank on the side allows the scoop that is lowered by a string through the boom. Using your fingers you can easily open the scoop to pick up small grey cylinder pieces that I assume represent gravel. The cab of the crane holds one worker mini-figure that can rotate 360°. At the bottom of the crane are small holders for the workers' shovel and broom.

Click meThe small cylinder parts are then dumped into the trailer on the conveyor / grinder machine. When the trailer is filled you can use the crank on the side to move tip the trailer, move the conveyor and rotate the grinding mechanism on the end. Above the grinder is a little are for a second worker mini-figure. I found in building this piece to be rather difficult the instructions are a little confusing. After I built the machine I couldn't get the grinder to rotate until I fooled around with the yellow rubber belt that turns it.

Click meUnder the grinder is a dump truck that is loaded with the cylinder pieces. The dump truck is the usual LEGO type vehicle construction. The cab holds the third worker mini-figure and has a working trailer that dumps the small grey LEGO cylinder pieces.

This is a real simple set that is fun to build and actually play with. I already tried putting the worker mini-figures on the conveyor but alas they don't grind up nor do they fall below. They just get stuck. I know it's a bit morbid but sadly that is the first thing I did. [Ed note: Chill on the Fargo screenings, dude] The crane works very well and once you get the conveyor working right a lot of fun.

Check out the rest of our LEGO coverage, and be sure to stop by the official web site.

You can pick up this set from

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