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LEGO Designer Sets
By Lando Da Pimp

A few weeks ago the new LEGO catalog arrived in the mail. The cover predicted a giant robot battling dinosaurs while the mini figures ran from the battle. The title of the catalog was Titan vs. The Dinosaurs.

I instantly contacted LEGO to send me these sets.

Click for largerSet 4508 Titan XP
As a designer set the Titan XP contains 4 building instructions along with 13 additional ideas. The main model is a great Mech design, the Titan XP. Measuring over 11 inches, with help from the 3-inch antenna on his head, this thing is enormous.

This mech is beautiful. Lego produced new colors of florescent orange and light blue unique for this set. The robot is a bit disproportional. The feet our a bit large compared to the smaller head and hands. However I would probably credit this as a design decision keeping the mech from being to top heavy.

Click for largerArticulation
That's right, articulation. Most of the time my LEGO reviews don't have any articulation discussion. With the Titan XP you have 15 points of movement. The robot is very posable however it is still a LEGO set so it is a bit fragile. On the downside the joint connecting the upper and lower body is very loose but this is needed for the posability of the mech.

Building the Set
The Titan XP is considered the advanced construction but of course the set is for ages 7 and up so I had no problem. Building the Titan is a bit mundane constructing two different sets of arms and legs. As I was building the set I noticed that two mini-figures legs were included with the 782 pieces. I wasn't sure what they were for until I started constructing the arms. A unique resolve to constructing hands was to use the mini-figures legs yet this only gives the Mech two fingers. Not much for hands.

Click for largerOverall
If you enjoy Mechs you will love this set. Looking through the different construction ideas in the instruction book I realized that the Titan XP is the coolest build solution. You can't complain about a LEGO set that is over a foot tall and has 15 points of articulation. Sure it's a bit fragile but it is LEGO's. The main reason I recommend this set is the look alone. Its beautiful!

Click for largerSet 4507 Prehistoric Creatures
For a kid there is nothing cooler than dinosaurs. Of course I built the king of the dinosaurs the T-Rex. The set provides instructions for 9 different models with ideas for 26 more including the stegosaurus and the pteranodon. I only built the T-Rex so lets take a look at it:

Click for largerLook
It is very difficult to create rounded forms using square blocks especially when it models organic beings. The body is still very square looking but the rest of the dinosaur makes up for it. The head of the T-Rex is really an amazing construction. The teeth are unique pieces connected around the jaw that clasp together nicely when the mouth opens and shuts. The same pieces used for the teeth are also used for the claws just a different color.

The T-Rex has 13 points of articulation including 4 point in the tail alone. The Legs and the head all use ball joints giving a wide arrange of movement.

Click for largerBuilding the Set
Building the T-Rex was a bit difficult to put together. The burgundy and the red blocks are very similar looking in the manual. At times I would be looking for a certain piece only to discover that I was looking for the wrong color.

After building the magnificent Tyranasaurus I found that it is not as posable as the Titan XP. It has a hard time standing up. On the plus side it does resemble a T-Rex and the articulation of the tail and the workings of the jaw are great details.

More information can be found at

You can read about upcoming LEGO toys on our visit to LEGO at Toy Fair.

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