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Click meLEGO Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Lego Sets
By Lando Da Pimp

With a new Star Wars movie we get new LEGO Star Wars sets. I was more excited about the new LEGO sets than most of the Hasbro action figures. I am not entirely pleased with these sets but each has its positives and negatives.

Click meDarth Vader Transformation - Set 7251
This is a great little inexpensive set that is looks great on your desk at work. The set is Darth Vader's transformation into the suit. On one side of the table is a mini figure of Darth Vader (Anakin) when rotated around a mini figure of Darth Vader with the suit on is lying down. Next to the table is the medical droid; who is pretty sweet with five arms that each hold a different medical tool. The droid also rotates around and can be pulled away from the table when Darth Vader must rise!

Anakin's face under the Darth Vader mask is new. What is sort of weird is the mini-figure before the helmet is skin tone. That is some transformation!

This is my favorite Episode III LEGO set and it is something that anybody can afford. The price is about the same as an action figure. The set is also what fans have been waiting to see the transformation of Darth Vader.

Click meWookiee Attack - Set 7258
I was so happy to hear that Episode III would take place on the Wookiee planet Kashyyyk. I also could not wait to see a Wookiee battle. Well I am really disappointed to see the ships that they use. I don't like what I have seen so far. This is not LEGO's fault they base the designs from the film. I just don't like the Wookiee ships.

Click meThe Wookiee Flyer is just not that exciting. The ship opens up in the back with a Wookiee Warrior manning a back cannon. The flyer also has a number of antennas that are constantly falling off.

Click meThe Droid Tank on the other hand is a great design. I love that LEGO used an actual plastic piece tread instead of copping out and using a rubber one. However it is real annoying to have to put the tread together. It's made up of sixty-nine pieces. The tread didn't work on mine but I think it may be because I am missing a piece. The battle droid fits easily into the seat that is then covered over with the large circular armor body.

A nice extra with this set is the inclusion of a small spider-droid. LEGO was very creative in designing how the eyes and cannon are constructed. I was a bit disappointed on how little the head swivels.

With the exception of the Wookiee Flyer this is a decent set to pick up. The inclusion of the Wookiee Warriors makes up for the fact that the Wookiee flyer is not that great. The set also comes with two battle droids as well.

Click meWookiee Catamaran - Set 7260
After building the Wookiee Catamaran I was a bit more pleased with the vehicles used by the Wookiees. The Catamaran is a very solid sea vessel that has great action elements. In the middle of the ship is a cannon that is fired with a flick of a switch along with propellers that can be spun. On either side of the boat are drop doors that can release bombs. A number of mini-figures fit nicely on either side of the vessel.

Click meA Clone Swamp Speeder is also included in the set. The front of the speeder is two blasters that can move. A propeller that can spin back and forth powers the back of the speeder. The speeder easily sits the two included green Clone Troopers with space for their weapons.

This set comes with a nice collection of mini-figures including Chewbacca, Wookiee Warrior, Yoda, 2 green Clone Troopers, and Luminara Unduli with light-up lightsaber.

Click meGeneral Grievous Chase - Set 7255
I have yet to make my mind up on if I like General Grievous or not. I will make my final determination when I see the film. At one point in the film Obi-Wan is chasing after Grievous on an animal called the Boga.

Let me start with the good part of the set, General Grievous's Wheel Bike. This is an awesome vehicle that I just can't wait to see in action. The bike has four legs that have 360° rotation. On the side of the bike is a seat for General Grievous. For the mini-figure to sit you need to remove a couple of arms and lightsabers. The center of the bike is two giant wheels with large blasters between them. I am thinking that at any time Grievous can use the wheel or the legs to maneuver but I may be wrong. This is a great little set that is very well constructed.

Click meThe bad part of this set is Obi-Wan's Boga creature that he rides. I have seen pictures of what the creature looks like and I am just not that excited about it nor am I excited about the LEGO creature. It doesn't feel like it belongs. I hate to use the word but it is pretty childish looking for a LEGO set. It feels more like it belongs with the Duplo line than a LEGO set.

The set is disappointing with the Boga but the inclusion of a General Grievous and Obi-Wan mini-figures is a bonus. The Wheel Bike is great and is on the top of my list of favorite vehicles.

I am pleased with the Episode III sets. The Wookiee Catamaran and Darth Vader transformation sets are a must-have for any Star Wars fan. If you buy for the mini-figures, the Wookiee Attack and General Grievous Chase sets will give you mini-figures that have not been previously released. However both of these sets have less then stellar vessels or in the Grievous Chase set the Boga creature.

You can pick up this set from, and check out LEGO's Star Wars shop.

Be sure to see the rest of our LEGO coverage, and our continuing Star Wars coverage.

Darth Vader Transformation - Set 7251
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Wookiee Attack - Set 7258
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Wookiee Catamaran - Set 7260
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General Grievous Chase - Set 7255
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Article and all images ©2005

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